Biblical Lineage Record

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Noah knew every one except Adam, Seth and Enoch. He also knew Abraham and lived exactly a jubilee short of a thousand years (950 years) over two dispensations.

Prior to the flood the average age at which the first born of the lineage was born, was 100 years. After the flood it was 30 years - except Shem, born before the flood and Abraham who had Isaac at 100 exactly thus sealing the covenant of God.

Lamech lived 777 years (God's number), the last generation before the flood, thus placing god's seal on the dispensation. Methusaleh, Lamech's father lived 969 years (the record for man), died five years after his son, in the year of the flood

Enoch was the seventh (seven being the number of God), lived a year for each day of the year and was taken up to God. He will return in the last days as one of the two witnesses with Elijah who was also taken up. They are then killed and resurrected after 3 days like Christ was. All men must live and die and then the judgment.

Enoch was the 10th generation after Adam exactly and Abraham the 20 th -10 th after the flood exactly.

The flood was at 1656 exactly 10 years before 1666 (666 being reserved for the beast of Revelation in the last days who will reign over 10 kings)

Isaac, the covenant child, who was saved from being sacrificed by his father, by a lamb (symbolic of Christ's sacrifice for us) was the 21 st generation (3X7) or (7+7+7) the three sevens of God's number) or the triple sabbatical (God rested on the seventh day - the world will rest from political turmoil on the seventh day/millennium.

Cain's con

Note how the names Cain gave his lineage closely resembled the Godly lineage:-
Enoch - Enos, Irad - Jared, Mehujael - Malaleel, Methusael - Methusaleh, Lemech - Lamech. This is the classic deception methodology of Satan. Take the original and slightly alter it (just a few degrees) and already you are heading people off in another direction. Keep altering and eventually you turn them the other way - quite quickly.

Note that the industrialization process took root in this lineage. God's instruction to man was to subdue and tend the earth - not to mine it and develop trinkets and trade.

Notice how Ham was the father of Canaan and the enemies of Israel. Out of this line came Nimrod and the legacy of sun worship (Molech - Baal - Ka - Baal - Kabala - Cabal - Caabah - the mother and child cult (queen of heaven and her son which was impregnated by the sun - Horus and Isis (Egypt) Ishtar and Tamuz (Assyria), Venus and Jupiter (Rome) Diana and Cupid (Greek), Andrani and Shiva (India) Sing Moo and Child (China) Maja and Child South America, Mary and Jesus (Vatican).

Out of Japhet came the major nations of the world.

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The first tribe of Israel Judah (from which came Jesus) was preceded by the fathers Jacob and Joseph. The first time this is ever again repeated is when Jesus came (see page three) - Jacob - Joseph - Jesus. This occurs at exactly the 40 th generation. Jesus was 40 days in the desert before his ministry, the Jews 40 years in the desert before their ministry in Israel and Moses 40 years in hiding before his ministry to Israel.

Boaz falls exactly on the 10th generation after Isaac - the father of David, Jesse, the 12th and Solomon brings Israel to the mightiest empire on the 14th (7+7). Note the third seven is reserved for the Christ's reign in the seventh millennium. Exactly 14 generations from Abraham to David, 14 from David to Babylon and then 14 to Christ.

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A day for God is as a thousand years for us, unless God is with us on earth then a day for him is a 24 hr day. The days in Genesis are therefore also 24 hour days, that is why it expressly says "it was evening and morning the second day" etc.

Jesus said he would be back soon - 2 days for him in heaven (a short period) is 2,000 years down here. After 2 days for God (2000 years down here) on the third day (Third millennium) there was revealed the first messiah - Moses who led Israel out of bondage in Egypt.

After another two days (day 3 and 4) Jesus was revealed on the third day (day 5) - our messiah who leads us out of Spiritual bondage by sin. After 2 earthly days in the grave He rose.

Another two days (day 5 and 6) and on the third (day 7) Jesus returns again to lead us out of political bondage and usher in the world's sabbatical - a millennial rest on the 7th day after creation was completed.

Note, in history, there are exactly six world empires/all encompassing political entities so far - Egypt, Israel (Egypt's armies destroyed at the Red Sea - Queen of Sheba admitted that Solomon's kingdom surpassed Egypt's and conceded spiritual defeat to Israel's God), Babylon, Assyria ( combination of East and West through Mede's and Persians, Greece, Rome (split into East and West in 300 AD).

Note the image of Daniel. The knees are exactly after the first tribulation (inquisition) and at the Reformation (revival), In the shins the cold war and in this time the fig tree blossoms ( Israel became a nation in 1948 and took Jerusalem in 1967) The life of man after the flood is three score and six - 70 ("that generation will not pass until the end comes") Now, 1948 + 70 = 2018 / 1967 + 70 = 2037.

The last empire (the seventh) has 10 kings (in Revelation) - (same as ten horns of Daniel). The Provisional World Government (formed 1989) has already divided the world up into 10 regions along the Club of Rome's map ( RSA falls under SADC - region 4 as does Europe under the EU - hence the Euro dollar etc.) As the world was split in the time of Babel when man got together to challenge God it will be destroyed (politically) when man again tries to unite in a secular world government against Gog in the last days.

Biblical reproduction methodology

The Levitical Priests had a very specific way of making copies of the law (the Torah) and the prophets. The letters had to be a specific size only as was the paper (papyrus). The spaces between the letters were controlled as well as the block of text written in. Each syllable was counted for each word in each book. As a result of all this every book ended exactly at a specific point on a page. If this was not so the copy was discarded as inaccurate. Each page of each book was checked in this way. Then was it proofed to see if the contents were also exactly the same. The system is so rigid and exacting that it is still today the most perfect method of copy.

Bible code.

A book called was written called "The Bible Code" (available through CNA), wherein modern political events are extracted from a certain code which could only be decoded by computer. So accurate are the predictions and so many are they, so dense in the literature, that there can be no doubt whatsoever that the Bible is a supernatural book. Applying the same methodology to any other book does not render anything like the phenomenon that emerges from the Bible.

It is interesting to note that the original texts are used only. It does not work on "modern translation" many of them rightly copyrighted, because they are man's work, man's interpretation and not God's word

Consequential Attack on the Bible

The simplest way to attack God's word, that is if one cannot get it banned, is to simply change it. Accordingly new so called "improved translations" abound.

Read "Lets Weigh the Evidence" by Barry Burton, obtainable through Sword Distributors (011) 9434328 in Johannesburg (ask Kevin Kennard there to also send the track entitled "Attack" and "the Bible Comic").

Most new Bible versions deny the virgin birth, the trinity and most fundamental doctrines the propagation of salvation by works being pushed instead. The NIV version has some 2000 omissions. The RSV omits Jesus' name 73 times. Many new translations leave out John 5:7 - the trinity and the witnesses for salvation. Billy Graham's son even released a "politically correct bible" that reads " Our father-mother in heaven"

The KJV 1611 is still the most accurate Bible based on the Texus Receptus the (received texts - by far the greatest in volume of copies) instead of the deliberately corrupted (by Usebius and Origen in 500 Ad) Sinaiticus and Vaticanus texts.

The dead sea scrolls consist of the law (Torah), the prophets and the Texus Receptus as well as the product of the Essene's who were busy corrupting the original texts. This is not knew, it has happened over the ages giving rise to inter alia the famous Talmudic and Cabalistic writings of the Jews and finally the all out occultic literature which abounds - such as the Masonic and Rosicrucian rituals.

Today, in RSA, the highest court precedent denies that the Bible forms part of a church's law!

By Izak Labuschagne