By Izak Labuschagne

(Investigative field officer)







a.        This Commission was condoned by His Lordship Justice Mall of the Durban and Coast Local Division of the Supreme Court of South Africa (Now on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission) on the 24th day of May 1995 as per pages 11 at 20-30, 12 at 5 and 14 of the transcript of case No A 175/93).


b.       The Commission manifests as an Actio Popularis Commission.


c.        It operates under Sections 8(1) 9, 15, 18, 32, 33, 34, 38, 198, 231 (5), 232, 233, and Schedule 6 (22)  of Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and as such is independent of any organ of state).


d.       It’s Terms of Reference covers inter alia any other related matters into the topic of it’s description.


e.        This Commission does not fall under the Commission's Statute, and is therefore appropriately able to independently and without encumbrances to investigate organs of state in line with the official state doctrine of Openness and Transparency._


f.         None of it’s investigating officers are Officers of Court in order that it may similarly appropriately investigate the activities of Officers of Court (i.e. attorneys, Advocates , Public Prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges.


g.       This Commission has, at this stage, no quasi judicial powers of itself, but it may provide evidence to any other personam, instance or agency, in any litigation before the Courts or any other recognised forum, or to bodies fulfilling similar roles such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


h.       This Commission or any of it’s members, agents  and employees may  litigate in personam, or under section 38 of the Constitution, or on any other legal grounds as are disposable to any person at law in any tribunal or forum as provided for under Section 34 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, having regard to such international instruments as the Helsinki Accord in line with the provisions encapsulated in sections 321, 232 and 39 of the Constitution .


i.         This Commission has found it necessary (due to a host of death threats against it’s investigating officers) that the findings of this Commission be published on the Internet from time to time in order to secure the safety of the investigating officers. Access to the web sight concerned is secured under the auspices of International Agencies engaged in similar investigations and are therefore not as yet accessible to the public at large.


j.         Members of the public are invited to supply any information that may assist this Commission in it’s investigations.


k.        This commission is assisted by local and International Agencies involved in similar work.


l.          This Commission   is not state funded but independently funded from the populous at large.








Brainwashing. 4

Training Manual No. TM-SW7905.1. 4

Mind Control Apotheosis. 10

Very Low Infra Sound Frequency  (VLISF) 10

Ubuntu. 11

National Intelligence and Political Parties. 11

International Agreements. 12

Right Wing Religious Movements. 12

Constitutional Court Judgments. 13

Secular Humanism.. 13

Council of Foreign Relations. 13

Overview of Onslaught on Rural Community. 14

Transitional Local Council 15

Gouws Woods and Partners. 15

Rural Development Corporation (Lanok) 15

Department of Agriculture. 18

Skills For Africa. 19

Minister of Agriculture. 20

Agricultural Credit Board. 20

Clark Cotton. 22

Land Bank. 22

Surplus Peoples Projects (SPP). 23

Irrigation Act 23

Jesuit Oath. 24

Brainwashing through the local church. 24

Current plans to Stifle this report 24

Summary. 25

What to do. 36

Compilers details. 36





Brainwashing is not a new concept. It was used during both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf War, extensively in the USSR, and in the context set out in the heading to this report in the South West Africa (SWA) Boarder War conducted by South Africa in the 70’s and 80’. It is used extensively today by various agencies such as the Tri Lateral Commission (TLC), The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and various UN agencies such as the United Nations Peace Corps (UN PC) in order to assist with brokering peace amongst conflicting nations and communities,  fostering democratisation in authoritarian regimes, and in counteracting religious extremism. It is conducted through various mediums such as direct contact, training camps, media exposure, radio broadcasts, religious services, primary, secondary and tertiary education and even Biological Aids (mostly added to drinking water, foodstuffs and medication. The Science of Social Automation Technology is highly developed today and makes use of extensive computer hardware and software that was developed both in the Nato and the Warsaw Countries. In fact the USSR are leaders in fields such as Computer Generated Emotional Mind Mapping.


Just prior to the 1994 elections the national media[1] disclosed how Dr. Johan Van Der Westhuizen was running an MI front organisation called Adult Education Consultants (AEC) in Soweto under the orders of Joffel Van der Westhuizen (MI chief at that stage) and Tertius Delport Minister of Agriculture in the Western Cape. This group was to install (through Adult Education) a cultural shift in the community that would bring about a drop in township unrest in order to ensure a smooth transition of power to the ANC. Van Der Westhuizen had also infiltrated the African Christian Democratic Party[2] which was to serve as the future home of the NP under a moderate black leadership, that would be coaxed into the Masonic Fraternity in order to ensure cohesion and security of the central mandate (especially once the massive overseas funding planned for the project got underway).


During the South African Boarder War, National Servicemen that were selected for duty in Military Intelligence were screened at Voortrekker Hoogte (where they did their security Clearances) and were then sent to Grootfontein in SWA where further screening took place. They then underwent a training course in Windhoek and later a more intense course at Hartswater in southern SWA. Once it was determined that they were able to successfully conduct training (brainwashing) they were sent to operational area headquarters (such as at Katimo Mulilo in the Caprivi Strip in  northern SWA where it boarders on Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia then). Here they ran Agricultural Training  Seminars which were designed as workshops. Community leaders were first studied and then hand picked for the training workshops /  seminars (in reality highly researched and successful brainwashing sessions). At the seminars they were taught, life skills, skills in conflict management, stereotype reduction, social management skills in a very subtle yet highly manipulative interactive, perform and be rewarded type of workshop environment seminars.

In 1983 for example, the officer in charge of the Katimo Mulilo Group was Mc Sweeny, assisted by psychiatrist Costallo.


Training Manual No. TM-SW7905.1


Typical of the manuals developed for this type of operation was Training Manual No. TM-SW7905.1[3]  This manual is  entitled Silent Weapons for Quite Wars, Therein the science of Social Automation Technology is succinctly set out complete with Tables of Strategies and a list of Inputs and Outputs:-


Under the Historical Introduction we read that Silent Weapon Technology evolved from Operations Research (O.R), a strategic and tactical methodology developed under Military Management in England during WW II...It was soon recognised by the Council on Foreign Relations as an effective means of controlling society.


In the Formal Introduction we read the following:-


The solution to today's problems requires an approach that is ruthlessly candid, with no agonising over religious moral or cultural values”, and as such must be ‘secured from public scrutiny”.


Under the heading, Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon we read:-


Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by it’s creators, but only in it’s own manner of junctioning


It shoots situations instead of bullets, propelled by data processing, instead of a chemical reaction, (explosion); originating from bits of data instead of grains of gunpowder, from a computer instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer instead of a marksman, under the orders of a banking magnate instead of a general.


It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone's daily social life.


Yet it makes an unmistakable “noise”, causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to the trained observer, one who knows what to look for.


The public cannot comprehend that they are being attacked by a weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being subdued by a weapon.


The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but because of the technical nature of the silent weapon they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.


When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts / adapts to it’s presence and learns to tolerate it’s encroachment on their lives..


Therefore the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their resources of natural and social energy, and their physical and mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.


In preparation of the area targeted for the application of the Silent Weapon a programs of studying the communities habit patterns is undertaken under a list of Inputs (surveillance) and Outputs (tailored on the findings of the surveillance) which covers inter alia the following headings:-




General Sources of information

1.       telephone taps

2.       surveillance

3.       analysis of garbage

4.       behaviour of children


Standard of living by:

1.       Food

2.       Clothing

3.       Shelter

4.       Transportation


Social Contacts

1.       Telephone - itemised record of calls

2.       family - marriage certificates, birth certificates etc..

3.       friends, associates, etc.

4.       membership in organisations

5.       political affiliation



Personal buying habits, i.e., personal consumer preferences

1.       Checking accounts

2.       Credit Credit-card purchases

3.       “tagged” credit card purchases - the credit purchase of products bearing the UPC (universal product Code)



1.       Checking accounts

2.       savings accounts

3.       real estate

4.       business

5.       automobile etc..

6.       safety deposit at bank

7.       stock market




1.       creditors

2.       enemies (see-legal)

3.       loans

4.       consumer credit


Government sources (ploys)*

1.       welfare

2.       social security

3.       surplus food

4.       doles

5.       grants

6.       subsidies


* Principal of this ploy - the citizen will almost always make the collection of  information easy if he can operate on the principal of the “free sandwich principal” of “eat now, and pay later”


Government sources (via intimidation)

1.       Internal revenue service

2.       OSHA

3.       Census

4.       etc..


Other government sources - surveillance of US mail.


Habit Patterns - Programming

Strengths and weaknesses,

1.       activities (sports, hobbies etc..)

2.       see “legal” (fear anger, etc.. - crime record)

3.       hospital records (drug sensitivities, reaction to pain, etc..)

4.       psychiatric records (fears, angers, disgusts, adaptability, reactions to stimuli, violence, suggestibility or hypnosis, pain, pleasure, love and sex)


Methods of Coping  - of adaptability - behaviour

1.       consumption of alcohol

2.       consumption of drugs

3.       entertainment religious factors influencing behaviour

4.       other methods of escaping from reality


Payment modus operandi,

1.       payment of telephone bills

2.       energy purchases (electricity, gas etc..)

3.       water purchases

4.       repayment of loans

5.       house payments

6.       automobile payments

7.       payments on credit cards


Political sensitivity

1.       beliefs

2.       contacts

3.       position

4.       strengths/weaknesses

5.       projects/activities


Legal inputs - behavioural control (excuses for investigation, search, arrest, or employment of force to modify behaviour)

1.       court records

2.       police records - NCIC

3.       driving record

4.       reports made to police

5.       insurance information

6.       antiestablishment acquaintances




Business sources (via I.R.S., etc..)

1.       prices of commodities

2.       sales

3.       investments in

a.       stocks / inventory

b.       production tools and machinery

c.        buildings and improvements

d.       the stock market


Banks and credit bureaus

1.       credit information

2.       payment information


Miscellaneous sources:

3.       polls and surveys

4.       publications

5.       telephone records

6.       energy and utility purchases





Outputs - create controlled situations - manipulation of economy, hence society - control by control of compensation and income



7.       allocates opportunities

8.       destroys opportunities

9.       controls the economic environment

10.    controls the availability of raw materials

11.    controls capital

12.    controls bank rates

13.    controls the inflation rate

14.    controls the possession of property

15.    controls industrial capacity

16.    controls manufacturing

17.    controls the availability of goods

18.    controls the prices of commodities

19.    controls services, the labour force, etc..

20.    controls payments to government officials

21.    controls the legal functions

22.    controls the personal data files - uncorrectable by the party slandered.

23.    controls advertising

24.    controls media contact

25.    controls material available for TV viewing

26.    disengages attention from real issues

27.    engages emotions

28.    creates disorder, chaos, and insanity

29.    controls design of more probing tax forms

30.    controls surveillance

31.    controls the storage of information

32.    develops psychological analysis and profiles of individuals

33.    controls legal functions (repeat of 15)

34.    controls sociological factors

35.    controls health options

36.    preys on weaknesses

37.    cripples strengths

38.    leaches wealth and substance




Do this                                                                   To get this

Keep the public ignorant                                  Less public organisation

Maintain access control to point                     Require reaction to outputs (prices sales)

of feedback

Create preoccupation                                                        Lower defences

Attach the family unit                                                         Control of the education of the young

Give less cash and more credit and doles      More self indulgence and more data

Attack the privacy of the church                      Destroy faith in this sort of government

Social conformity                                                                Computer programming simplicity

Minimise the tax protest                                    Maximum economic data, minimum enforcement                                                                                         problems

stabilise the consent                                                           Minimum coefficients

Tighten control of  variables                                            Simpler computer input data - greater                                                                                                                           predictability

Establish boundary conditions                                        Problem simplicity / solutions of differential and                                                                                         different equations

Proper timing                                                                       less data shift and blurring

Maximise control                                                                minimum resistance to control

Collapse of currency                                                          destroy the faith of people in each other

The techniques employed vary from case to case but follow a basic sociological / psychological approach, perhaps best described by the following:-




Experience has proven that the SIMPLEST METHOD of securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public is to KEEP THE PUBLIC  UNDISCIPLINED AND IGNORANT of the basic systems principals on the one hand, WHILE KEEPING THEM CONFUSED, DISORGANISED, AND DISTRACTED, with matters of no real importance on the other hand.


                This is achieved by


39.    disengaging their minds; sabotaging their mental activities; providing a low-quality program of public education in mathematics, logic, systems design and economics ; and discouraging technical creativity.

40.    Engaging their emotions , increasing their self indulgence and their indulgence in emotional and physical activities , by:

a.             unrelenting emotional affrontations and attacks (mental and emotional rape) by way of a constant barrage of sex, violence, and wars in the media - especially the TV and newspapers.

b.             giving them what they desire - in excess - “junk food for though” - and depriving them of what they really need

c.             REWRITING HISTORY and LAW and SUBJECTING THE PUBLIC TO THE DEVIANT CREATION, thus being able to SHIFT THEIR THINKING from personal needs to highly fabricated outside priorities


These preclude their interest in and discovery of the silent weapons of social Automation.


The general rule is that there is profit in confusion, the more confusion the more profit. Therefore, the best approach is to create problems and then offer the solutions.


The Harvard Economic Research Project of 1948  forms the basis of the Economic Model employed in the manual, which divides people into three Industrial Classes i.e.:


1.       Capital (resources

2.       Goods (commodities or use - dissipate)

3.       Services (action of population)

a.nature sources of energy and raw materials

b.Government - printing of currency equal to gross national product


Extensive Industrial Diagrams accompany the manual, all of which cannot be included in this report.


As to the detailed approach used in training (brainwashing) seminars, the following should suffice to describe the basic approach model employed. One again this varies from case to case:-



Mind Control Apotheosis


The USA expository newsletter Mainstream[4] provided extracts from a 200 page document entitled Apotheosis Top Secret  which exposed how government officials were able to set about shifts in belief patterns in society. Here is a brief outline of the approach to be used:-

A.       Work slowly and gently. Establish common ground between subject and brain washer affirming present beliefs to generate a an atmosphere of trust and fellowship


B.       Isolate the subject from anything that reinforces his present beliefs, while at the same time immersing the subject in the new belief environment. Allow no time for thought or reflection - this can be done by constant companionship between subject and brain washer


C.      Generate a deeper emotional alliance between subject and brain washers. Develop belonging and companionship.


D.      Increase emotional alliance while presenting new beliefs in ways that do not directly trigger contrast or argument.


E.       Begin to dismantle the old beliefs by playful mockery and introduce camouflaged version of new beliefs.


F.       Suggest the old belief is no longer valid or useful, and is subservient to the new belief which has now superseded it, while immersing subject in a sense of just cause.


G.      Remove subjects last connections and habits relating to the old belief using sleep deprivation, changes in diet, new life patterns and emotional dependency.


H.      When subject repeatedly shows allegiance to new belief, begin direct teaching - do not mention the old belief or refer to it.


I.         When subject shows understanding and acceptance of the naked, undisguised new belief, challenge the old belief and overthrow it.


J.        The brainwashing process is now complete, and the subject will now filter experiences in an manner that reinforces the new belief. Thus it becomes a self perpetuating process.


What is of course not mentioned in the above is that those who refuse to fall for this then become isolated in the community that has been successfully brainwashed and their children who are forced to interact with the community through schooling are then brainwashed through relentless school activities and turned against the parents. Then next generation is then secured even if all of the present cannot.


Very Low Infra Sound Frequency  (VLISF)


Modern techniques such as the use of VLISF (Very Low Infra Sound Frequency) transmitted through TV and Radio networks and the Emotional Mind Mapping Intro-control Techniques (EMMIT) developed by the KGB are also frequently used. Nowadays, of course the New Age type self enhancement techniques at taught by the groups concerned herein are in vogue. Especially with traditional African communities as spirit guides are often used and this fits in neatly with ancestor worship etc..


Bear in mind also that the MI and NI brainwashing techniques currently being used are an offshoot of the USA  Mind Control Ultra (MK ULTRA) which heavily leans on New Age / Esoteric / Satanic / and in Africa,  witch doctor type activity, in training it’s training officers. [5].




Few people know what Ubuntu really Is. It is in fact a description for the common cohesiveness experienced by Africans due to the common phonetically roots in all African Languages. Kaunda redefined Ubuntu along the socialist Workers Revolution lines and promoted it through Zambia as a Black Power enhancement tool. There was quite a bit of heated debating in African Educational circles as to how Ubuntu should be presented and it was decided to stay away from the ultra Communistic interpretation and stick with something more cultural. Today Ubuntu workshops are run for Large Business Corporations in South Africa in order to facilitate the political doctrine of Affirmative Action[6].


What one must bear in mind of course is that South Africa is a secular state but with a specific philosophy built into the Constitution of the country - that of UBUNTU[7]. The Integrated Community Development Association (ICDA) a part of The Independent Democratic Association of South Africa (IDASA) (which benefits from massive overseas funding (such as from the World Wildlife Fund and Coca Cola) defines Ubuntu as “I am because we are and we are because I am”. This is off course a classic Secular Humanist technique to overthrow belief in God and absolutes. The Manual employs advanced Social Automation (Engineering) Technology  (SAT) techniques and is acutely relativistic.


The  CDA has a subsidiary called the Interfaith Community  Development Association (ICDA)[8] which aggressively promotes interfaith in order to limit the development of stereotypes and to promote tolerance in communities. The IDA constitutes a direct attack on the Christian belief that one must always guard against false teaching and manipulation (the manifestation of witch craft).

National Intelligence and Political Parties


In the ACDP case referred to in footnote no 2 on page 3, a fax from National Intelligence[9] was intercepted. It stated the following:-


Directive 1994 Election


Strategic Agents in place - refer previous communication


Target No 1 - standard orders


Target No 2 - African Christian Democratic Party


Brief - new party, formed recently to attract Christian votes


Danger - 1990 statistics


                23,603,000 Christians in large SA total 77%

                     319,000 Islam in larger SA only 1%


ACDP could attract large % of Christian votes

To enforce religious equality Islam must be stimulated refer

Kronberger 1935/234 parties already established

formed through multi-lines


Order - No direct contact! Phase in over five years refer

Five year plan. ACDP disinformation to be strategic leader to targeted - surveillance. Infiltration authorised - Pro-parties to run media advertisement stimulation of religious conscience.


In 1995 already a reporter[10] exposed  a plan (bankrolled by Muammar Gaddafi and other Arab leaders) to “Islamise South Africa” in order to achieve “economic cultural and finally, political unity”.


International Agreements


On the 25th of January 1995 President Mandella of South Africa signed an agreement[11] with

Prime Minister Narasimha Rao of India. wherein the following was agreed:-


RECOGNISING that they share the ideals of peace, democracy and secular governance;


The High Contracting Parties condemn all forms of hatred, violence, fundamentalism and religious extremism[12].


Bear in mind that these agreements form part of the law of South Africa[13] .


Right Wing Religious Movements


In the Journal of Theology For South Africa[14], the Government’s main reference periodical,  Right Wing religious Movements were identified. These included


1.       Campus Crusade for Christ

2.       Jimmy Swaggert Mission United Christian Action

3.       Signposts

4.       Bet-El group of Ministries

5.       Christian Mission International


All of them benign Evangelical movements that have absolutely no political agenda. What is characteristic of these organisations however, is that they preach a very Bible based message and are critical of Liberation Theology (a Theological standpoint that promotes Christ as the “first Communist Revolutionary and Freedom Fighter”.[15]


Ubuntu Is a very important state doctrine in South Africa. The Centre For Constitutional Analysis[16] said that :-


The promotion of Ubuntu will be a fundamental contribution towards building democracy. It also lies at the heart of the Reconstruction and Development Program. Giving people back their self-respect and dignity is to begin to reconstruct and develop society. Not to do so is to be destructive.


Constitutional Court Judgments


The Constitutional Court upheld a ruling that meant that the Bible does not form part of a church’s laws in considering internal disputes in the church.[17]  The High Court judge[18] misrepresented what was argued and then refused to release the record. There was no hearing at the Constitutional Court despite the fact that 4 million people petitioned the Court.


Secular Humanism


This is pertinently in line with the doctrines set out by the famous secular humanist John Dewey[19] the father of modern progressive education and his accomplices who stated openly:-


There is no god and no soul. Hence, there are no needs for the props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable (unchangeable) truth is also dead and buried. There is no room for fixed natural law or permanent moral absolutes.



On this humanistic view Professor Harold J Berry[20] stated:-


The Humanist Manifesto states:


“Humanism.... does insist that the way to determine the existence of any and all realities is by means of intelligent inquiry and by the assessment of their relation to human needs”


This is situation ethics - that right and wrong depend on the situation. Everything is relative.


Under Relativist the concepts of truth and non-truth become blurred. As a consequence, people, once they accept relativism, by definition cannot know what the truth is. Instead, they can only guess as to the best course to follow. Thus it becomes easier to sell non-truth to such a society.


Secular Humanism is a closed system. As such it will eventually seek  to eliminate alternative viewpoints. The secular state wants no competition in the arena of ideas. Furthermore, let there be no misunderstanding. Secular Humanists in key positions of leadership in government will do all they can to stamp out Biblical Christianity


Council of Foreign Relations


Samual Huntington (president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TLC) member - served as top dialogue to David Rockefeller) with fellow professor Zbigniew Brzezinski (KGB under cover agent) visit South Africa on a regular basis. In his lecture “The Third Wave; Democratisation in the Late Twentieth Century[21] comprises a detailed dirty tricks manual for overthrowing governments and ushering in a secular order which will fit in with the New World Order. This is the order that  Pik Both, George Bush and Nelson Mandella have already so well defined for us.


And the media plays along as David Rockefeller so succinctly admitted at the Bilderbergers 25th  Meeting when he thanked the New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, Associated Press, Reuters, News Week, NBC/RCA, ABC and many more for keeping mum over the last 40 years of their clandestine planning for secular world governance:-


It would have been impossible for us to develop our plans for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publishing during these years.


In the last seven years of researching secret societies and the inevitable conspiracies such societies keep themselves busy with (otherwise why should they be secret), and especially in my research with Agricultural Unions and overseas advisors, researchers and authorities on the subject, all of it would be far too voluminous (even in condensed form) to include in anything under 300 pages) it has become crystal clear to me that the onslaught against the rural community is as simply as this:-


Overview of Onslaught on Rural Community


1.                     Brainwash the community (under the cover of “Agricultural training”) into a new mind set - away from absolutes the belief in God and especially the adherence to the doctrine of “take heed that ye be not deceived’ into the secular humanist belief system called UBUNTU in the Southern African context. Hence the emergence of the Bible Case Precedent.[22]


2.                     Should this fail, manoeuvre the farmer into a situation where he requires financing.


3.                     Present cheap financing through government agencies and entangle him in a lending instrument that is designed to force him to attend further brainwashing and thereby to ultimately control him entirely - always keeping him in debt and tied to the financiers who are forever helping him to make a success through further ‘training. (see extracts of Landbou Krediet Raad document below)


4.                     if the above does not succeed to then destroy his gearing ratios which will result in sequestration of his estate. (At this point they normally say to the rest - “see, he would not stick to the training’). He has then been displaced so that a successfully brainwashed subject can occupy the land - ready and willing to be used by the government in control. (see extracts of Land bank document below)


5.                     Should this fail - use paramilitary force (financed from abroad) that will launch terrorist strikes against such farmers under the cover of  'robbery as the primary motive’ disarming them in the process and providing reasons for disarmament of the masses by legislation because it lends credence to the  spurious notion thus created that ‘privately owned weapons cannot be successfully secured and are therefor ending up in the wrong hands - removed these licences and crime will decrease


6.                     Expropriate land through legislation after disarmament thus minimising the chances of civil war (expropriation has always been the most classic catalyst for civil war).


Sound far fetched? Let’s look at the evidence accumulated (quite accidentally) in just a few months in a remote rural area in the North West of South Africa.


Transitional Local Council


First the Transitional Local Council (TLC) was softened up. This was done by involving them in training:-

Gouws Woods and Partners[23]


Locally, the Steinkopf Transitional Council have already been the 'beneficiaries “ of some training . This body, as anyone can identify, plays an important role in the set-up of things, so they too needed to be conditioned as soon as possible. The very first work shop is entitled  Stereotype Reduction module”. The Course was presented by Gouws Woods and PartnersSpecialists in conflict intervention, human resource development and organisational transformation’ .


Here follows the course modules:-


6.       Stereotype reduction workshop

7.       Affirmative action

8.       Empowerment through communication

9.       Conflict management


Then the farming Community had to be subdued. In the area in question, this was important because the area has enormous agricultural potential[24] and extraordinary mineral wealth. What is more, it was formally under the Tribal Areas Act and therefore was traditional under the control of Government structures. Indeed, it still is, believe it or not - private ownership of even land that has been developed by the tenants as Irrigation Land[25] has still not been facilitated :-


Rural Development Corporation (Lanok)[26]


Bear in mind also that I had an altercation with MI agents the day after our meeting with Tom De Wet in which I advised him of similar MI activity through Lanok as a front organisation (see inter alia the article 29th June on Lanok Rapport) wherein Lanok are engaged with exactly the same type of training under their “Free to Grow” course at Elim. The article describes how Lanok (Landelike Ontwikkelings Korporasie) which is largely funded by the Department of Housing, sets about assisting small farmers to become agriculturally more successful by introducing them to a 4 week agricultural training course.



The course which was designed by Alinda Nortje over a 4 year period (i.e.. from 1994 to now), is presented by Jonathan Martinus and concentrates on the following:-


1.             Self image enhancement

2.             Responsibility and initiative building

3.             Change acceptance conditioning

4.             Emotional training

5.             Helping people to crawl out of their shells

6.             Positive thinking and living


                                -All classic Mind Control approach modules.


In Lanok’s case the Executive Director Tom De Wet’s response was to try and dismiss the notion as untrue instead of being concerned and wanting more information as would be expected from someone who is not involved in such activities themselves.


By way of subtly introducing itself to farmers normally by making representation to the Local Transitional Council in the area Lanok do this under the widely advertised Lanok Mission Statement which reads as follows:-


"Service to and with communities through

integrated people orientated agricultural and rural



improve the quality and standard of life of

especially the low income part of

the population


happy, self sustained communities



fulfil our mission.

respect for the individual.

Strive after success.

Acceptance of CO-responsibility.

Integrity and ethical conduct as a way of life.

Open and honest communication.

Professional action orientated conduct.

positive thought.

Co-operation and humanity.

Pursue creativity and innovation."



When  arrived here I was asked by one of the farmers to represent him in the light of  problems that had developed with Lanok. In short:-


1.                    Lanok failed completely in their mission to uplift the farming community, 


2.                    In stead they drew up a series of  highly aggressive  instruments of debt (that is, after the debts were already accrued on the basis of the mission statements)


2.1.   I must point out here that the subsequent agreements were not at all in line with the basis upon which the loans were presented. The farmers owed money, they had to sign - besides the Department of Agriculture told them the agreements were ‘standard’ and they had nothing to worry about.


3.                    They proceeded to take sessions on all the assets of the farmers[27]


4.                    They manoeuvred themselves into the position where they became the only service provider in the whole area[28], as opposed to a farmer who was in the process of doing so and was ruthlessly squashed by Lanok.


5.                    An agreement was thrust upon the farmers that they were not allowed to acquire any shares, assets or machinery without Lanok’s approval[29]


6.                    they took sessions on all future crops and total control as to when the crops were established, harvested and marketed.[30]


6.1.   (including the rental agreements operative on the properties with the Transitional Council), [31]


7.                    The interest rates increased until they eventually stand at the top interest permissible under the Usury Act. [32]


8.                    Lanok  took over complete control of their farming operations describing this as “a prescribed works methodology for the successful management of Lucerne / vegetables”. [33]


8.1.   under this prescription the following was covered:-


8.1.1.         Crop Establishment needs for the Successful Management of Lucerne / vegetables


8.1.2.         Maintenance actions


8.1.3.         Sprinkler Irrigation


8.1.4.         Flood irrigation


8.1.5.         Cutting actions


8.1.6.         Fertilising


8.1.7.           Sale of Lucerne and vegetables


9.                    The model used was apparently developed in Grootfontein, which is hundreds of kilometres from the area and does not have the same conditions.


10.                 The losses were to say the least, nothing but utterly ruthless in their persistence:-


11.                A farmer that used to live on the R 3,500.00 per month that he made of his own accord (before the experts came to show him how to farm really successfully) was granted R 527 per month by Lanok to live which meant that he had to take his children out of school!


11.1.Lanok made several serious blunders with crop establishment (in one case costing a farmer who was entirely debt free R 64,000.00) and then refused to take responsibility for this (contrary to the mission statement).


12.                 Eventually they were forced to leave the area by the Provincial Government leaving behind about R 1,5 million rands of debt farmed up by them - but on the names of the farmers they came to show how to farm successfully (not forgetting that they said they take full responsibility).


13.                 One farmer was left with absolutely nothing on his lands - the one that was wanting  to develop a communally run service centre for his fellows.


14.                 The Provincial Government has now taken over the debts.


15.                 I briefed counsel and appointed an attorney to act under Legal Aid for two of the farmers in order to obtain title to the land under the Irrigation Act (something that the Transitional Council has been withholding from them through endless political manoeuvring, and to sue for damages.


16.                 In the mean time a highly aggressive and reasonably discreditation campaign has been waged against me with the other farmers through clandestine meetings wherein my investigations are attacked as spurious and the farmers I represent as stupid because they are closing doors for themselves on future assistance by asking me to represent them and supporting the investigations of the Commission I head up.


Department of Agriculture


Shortly after this the Department of Agriculture produced a proposal for a Service Centre which would be controlled by a  hierarchy which left the farmers right at the bottom after the Department of Agriculture, the Transitional Council, the funders and the local community (who were benefiting from agricultural training). The proposal suggests that:-


1.             the farmers are not ready to own and run such a center (most had already bought their own implements before Lanok arrived and run them very successfully).


2.             It was suggested that they needed more finance from the Land Bank,


3.             that Lucerne must be planted,


4.             that they were now destitute and in need of immediate help and training and


5.             that it was a severe blow to their chances at survival now that Lanok had left the area.


At a meeting in Cape town I put pressure on Lanok about their activities. They said that they had ceded the loans to the government. They said that the government was not going to write the loans off. This proved to be a blatant and highly manipulative lie when I checked with Members of the Provincial Government about this


When I questioned them about MI activity, Mr. De Wet, instead of being concerned, dismissing the idea out of hand (that is, without having so much as seen the evidence), and denied it vehemently.


The very next day after the meeting however, I was followed into the staff toilets of a gas station in Swellendam by an MI agent armed with a 9 mm Glock pistol equipped with a 6 inch silencer. He was intent on shooting me so I was forced to knock him out and disarm him (I suppose 4 Dan's serve their purpose, even to sick beneficiaries of the training). Lanok have for some time now engaged in very cagey back room tactics and have resorted to the classic stone walling tactic used by persons under investigation who are trying to buy time to delay exposure.


A large brief to council exists on their activities and the matter has been handed to a well known firm of Human Rights attorneys in the Cape who will be litigating with Legal Aid from the state. The case is simplicity itself. Lanok failed to deliver according to it’s mandate (which was heavily subsidised (well over 80%) by the Department of Housing) and are therefore not entitled to payment. The instrument of debt is therefore irrelevant to the litigation. What is relevant however, is the damages caused by Lanok. In the case of one farmer alone the amount claimed for damages due to Lanok’s activities is R 700,000.00.


It was not long after this that Skills for Africa appeared on the scene.


Skills For Africa[34]


On my return to Goodhouse in the Northern Cape recently, a group calling themselves Skills for Africa, funded by the Department of Labour gave a talk here as to how they are going to ‘help the local farming community to  develop the necessary agricultural skills needed to fully utilise the new project by the Dept. of Agriculture’.


Typical of the type of front organisations that Military Intelligence (MI) use to brainwash people, they start off, not with agricultural training, but with a classic program of Gradualist Sociological Conditioning. I took some notes - this is the opening first few days of sessions:-


Life Skills


10.    responsibility

11.    self respect

12.    stress management

13.    leadership qualities

14.    conflict management

15.    communication

16.    interactive workshop


The above has obviously got absolutely nothing to do with  planting and harvesting crops but with Social Engineering  instead.


Prior to the meeting, I asked the persons directly if they were not just an MI front organisation such as Adult Education Consultants[35] that were set up under Dr. Johan Van Der Westhuizen by Tertius Delport the MEC for Agriculture in the Cape, or the group under Mc Sweeny (using Costallo as the psychiatrist) that operated from Voortrekker Hoogte and used Warmbad just North of Goodhouse as a stage two training camp. I noted that their attitude was extremely negative, suspicious and almost aggressive toward me and that Jan Zandberg from the Department of Agriculture who arranged for their visit here found it difficult to hide how unpleased he was that I was attending the meeting.


Present were Johan Potgieter (Skills For Africa) Jan Zanberg (Dept. of Agriculture) and  Hjalmar Enderstein (Training Advisor for the Department of Labour).


The Department of Labour is also Closely linked to Surplus Peoples Projects, an International funded organisation which has cause tremendous strife in local communities, so much so that senior members of other Agricultural Unions are experiencing major problems with their activities[36].



First we must take a closer look at the Department of Agriculture and it’s aids, You see it is here where the problem lies. I was told by a senior official of one of the leading Agricultural Unions in South Africa that those members of the Department that did not fall in with the minister of Agriculture’s Process were simply replaced under the Affirmative Action Program - or they could fall into line (promptly of course):- Let’s look at what the Minister’s Process is all about:-


Minister of Agriculture


When one considers what The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Derek Hanekom (also referred to as the Land Affairs Minister) recently stated in a briefing to the media and the Diplomatic Corps[37], (shortly before the Rands crashed again) it is easy to identify where things are headed. This genius who insisted on the “equitable access to land “ clause (an aggressively centralist anti- private ownership political doctrine) and caused the rand to fall 20% in one day (the day the Constitution with the clause intact passed through Parliament, has now caused another land slide in the rand - this ‘man of vision’ said inter alia:-


1.             The government may soon be forced to expropriate land....... the recent attempt in Zimbabwe to forcibly expropriate white owned land had shown local landowners the there were much harsher programmes right on our doorstep.


2.             Potentially explosive legislation will be table later this year aimed at resolving the issue of land ownership.


Authors note:- Interesting wording considering the civil war type wave of farm murders afoot in South Africa since the elections in 1994


1.             Thirteen percent of South Africa’s land fell into the category of Tribal  Land that was administered and distributed by ‘Traditional Authorities’ and the Government would not be awarding title deeds.


In other words, farmers must be kept from acquiring title so that centralist government control can be maintained. The government will decide who gets access. Who better that someone who has a sword of Damocles in the form of huge loans (preferably to the government) hanging over his head. If most of your income goes to paying off loans - who do you work for - who tells you what to do - who owns you - who owns your land - who decides your future - who better you ingratiate yourself with - who will you then vote for?..


Let us take a look at who entered the scene next....


Agricultural Credit Board[38]


On the 8th and 9th of this month the local Department of Agriculture brought a team from the defunct Agricultural Credit Board to Henkries (about 20 km from Goodhouse) in order to finalise loan applications that a group of Goodhouse farmers had made during the time that they were operating.


It was in the light of the Lanok debacle that Mr. Charles Cloete asked me to represent him when talking to this organisation. He did not want to be caught again, and so he asked them to deal with me on his behalf rather. The Agricultural Credit Board and the Department of Agriculture stubbornly refused to do so, in stead they:-


1.             repeatedly approaching Mr Cloete directly (completely ignoring his pleas for them to talk to me instead) and


2.             repeatedly attempted to get him to sign the loan application.


3.             In the mean time I was subjected to the most aggressive behaviour and ruthlessly provoked. The Department of Agriculture played a leading role in all of this.


It all started when I introduced myself as their legal adviser and told them that I am investigation MI style brainwashing techniques conducted under the cover of Agricultural Training through government affiliated organisation.


Instead of the concern one would expect from anyone who was not involved, I was again presented with:-


a.             flat denial, and


b.             a judgement that it was utter nonsense (without even so much as having heard of any of the evidence, never mind sight any).



These of course are the classic earmarks of those who are caught red handed:-


1.             Pretend your crimes do not exist,


2.             Ignore the investigating officer,


3.             Try to discredit him,


4.             Proceed regardless.


5.             Stonewall everything from then on


6.             Buy as much time as you can.


Now this is not at all surprising when one considers what they were trying to hide:-


A Completely unreasonable Instrument of Debt


I viewed the Loan Application and discovered that it constituted an instrument of debt. It irrevocably binds the applicant (borrower) inter alia to the following :-


1.             That borrower, in the execution of his farming activities, has to  procure the advice of the Advisory Service of the Agricultural Credit Board (lender).


2.             That he is bound to participate in any ‘nasorgaksie’ (directly translated as ‘after care action’) of the lender.


3.             That the farming operation must be conducted to the ‘satisfaction of the Minister of Agriculture’.


4.             That he indemnifies the lender, any of its employees or agents, the Minister of Agriculture, the state or any of its agents against any damage or loss of whatever nature whether directly or indirectly, that may have any relationship of whatever nature with the application or the lender.


5.             Moreover, the borrower is expected to grant the lender the right to nevertheless withdraw the assistance at any time for any reason that the director of the Board may deem fit.


Whilst I was acting as the an independent  Cashlink Advisor for the Bank of New Zealand in my capacity as the CEO of a Corporate and Financial Planning Company in Sydney, registered as a Dealers Representative on the Sydney Stock Exchange and a member of the International Financial Planners Association, I had never witnessed such outrageous chancery ever, not even from countries which have questionable financial status. Agreements such as these would be subject to heavy penalties in developed countries and in some cases be open to suits of crimen injuria.


When I pressed ahead with the process, save for signing the application, they wanted a loan repayment schedule from my client on a loan which had long since prescribed and should have been covered by the state in the first place.


All from an organisation which is regarded with disdain internationally for their highly questionable tactics and which was finally deregistered by an Act of Parliament.


The other farmer I represent, Mr B J Cloete, the one on who’s farm I reside, was told that his loan was inexplicably turned down. All the farmers had their loans managed en masse by the Department of Agriculture.


This was also the farmer that received a bill from the Agricultural Credit Board for money which was actually due and owing to Lanok. This meant that there was a link between the two and when I asked for further details I received no reply. The farmer however, continues to get the same bill.

Clark Cotton[39]


Present at the meeting were members of the local  Department of Agriculture[40] (who were drawing up the Business Plans for this highly questionable arrangement). Clark Cotton were also present as they agreed to handle the Crop Sessions required for the servicing of the loans. Lonrho who had visited the area an Oranje Corporation that were asked to get involved but were discouraged by the local Department of Agriculture were not present as alternative service providers and as far as I know were not notified by the local Department of Agriculture of the meeting.


During the drawing up of the Business Plan the Land Bank of South Africa was repeatedly suggested as the only viable alternative for Crop Establishment finance.


Land Bank[41]


I viewed a recent Land Bank application which is also drafted as an instrument of debt, in letter form.:-


1.             The document contains some 3 pages of terms and conditions such as would be contained in a loan agreement, and in fact constitutes an instrument of debt on the face of it.


2.             It however, makes reference in bold letters to a Promissory Note that needs to signed prior to the loan being granted


3.             The Promissory Note (which has the effect because of it’s ranking as a Note and not ‘Paper’, of Novating everything stated in the letter) states the following:-


a.             I, the undersigned _____ ID No _____ promise to pay to the Land - and Agricultural Bank of South Africa at Visagie street 192, Pretoria, the sum of R_____ (______) at an interest rate that the bank may from time to time establish and on such dates and terms as the bank may determine.


Needless to say, this is the penultimate of thuggery. There can be nothing worse than this save for open robbery.


Well that just about puts the final nail in the coffin, doesn’t it?

Surplus Peoples Projects (SPP).


This is the organisation that tried to displace 40,000 people from their traditional homeland in the Transkey to the banks of the Orange River in order to provide a larger voters base for the ANC in the area. One day I had an interesting contact with their agent for the area, one  Sue Powell. I was discussing a proposed tourism development (with the aid of the African Project Development Facility - an organ of the World Bank)  with a proposed beneficiary of the aid when the party of SPP was mistaken for some tourists which we approached for their comments (just as an impromptu field study of tourist preferences). Once I introduced myself to this party (consisting of SPP, the Transitional Regional Council, an employee of the Springbok tourist office and an independent consulting firm), and especially after they were told that I was not only heading up the development proposal but also investigating the manipulation thrust upon the local community I was treated to some rather frosty and extremely authoritarian and arrogant challenges like:-


Who said these people can develop here without the governments permission - this area falls under Act 9 1987 (previous dispensation’s heavily centralist apartheid legislation)


This region controls tourism. Only 10 4X4 vehicles at time may pass through here (perpetuation of authoritarian control)


No Private ownership of property can ensue - Act 9 1987. And not even the opinions of Drs. of law would sway her stance


Irrigation Act


The fact is that the Irrigation Act gives effect to the limits imposed on the doctrine of public domain in Capitalist states in that it provides for title to ensue to whoever developed the land for irrigation. When I informed her of this she said “but the Department of Agriculture developed this land - they therefor have control. This is true with regards to all the new farmers under the new development but not the previous farmers. However, she let the cat out the bag on that strategy.  That explains why the Dept of Agriculture want to prevent a private service center and wish to have control of such a center themselves. The plot is clear - keep farmers broke and indebted, subservient and the beneficiaries of their help with no prospect of ownership only an endless perpetuation of manipulation - create a group of Robots - this has so far been quite successful under the previous regime - why not now.


Just across the boarder lies a private farm. There is absolutely no comparison. There is vast agricultural progress afoot there whereas here there is nothing save for the scant little plots built up by the previously (and still) disadvantaged.


SPP went so far to tell a lady renting a property near the punt not to sell wood to passing tourists. In other words - you may only exploit opportunities if we say so.


SPP were there to have a meeting for Tourist Development. However, the farmers on who’s land this was to take place were excluded from the meeting. The meeting was held with members of the community who had established a reputation as trouble causer’s and comprised the town drunks.

Political parties and various Agricultural Unions and organisations all have major complaints about SPP deliberately causing conflict in communities.


When one researches where some of SPP’s funding comes from, do not be surprised if you come across Ambrossas Bank in the South of France (a Jesuit front Organisation).


Jesuit Oath


The Jesuit Oath as published by Jack T Chick[42] in the revelation of ex Jesuit priest Alberto Riviera[43], makes no bones about their aims. In summary they are as follows:-


1.       Select a peaceful and self sustaining community

2.       Cause divisions, conflict and war in the area

3.       Finance both sides of the conflict if possible

4.       See the economy, society and  infrastructure destroyed

5.       Enter the scene openly now offering solutions for peace and finance for reconstruction and development

6.       Brainwash the community into a new mind set

7.       Now you control them socially, economically and strategically.

8.       Enjoy the profits


This is the age old Machiavellian doctrine of Ordo Ab Chao ( also the motto of 33rd degree Free Masons) - Order out of Chaos.


Brainwashing through the local church


This process is discussed in depth over 1, 642 pages of court record in the Bible case[44] quoted earlier. I shall just attach here an organisational diagram that should cast some condensed light on the topic.


In this case, the local minister was replaced through a slandering campaign and replaced with what a well brainwashed model who preaches ‘text book’ sermons designed to condition his congregation into ‘a new enlightenment’. The teaching has strong Liberal Theology (Higher Criticism, Geo Social Biblical Hermeneutics etc.) leanings, which are of course aimed at secular encapsulement.


There is so much more that can be included here, but time is not available.


Instead, I shall add hereto, some extracts of documents that may shed further light on the topic. I think however, what is contained herein so far should clearly establish the allegation beyond reasonable doubt to anyone with a modicum of common sense and even slight powers of deduction. A Bibliography covering the topic which was built up over the last seven years comprises some 30 pages of books on it’s own. It would be a massive task to quote exhaustively on the issue and that is why this report is by way of a summary only.


Current plans to Stifle this report


However, what might very well prove to be the best indicator that I had hit the nail on the head right into a can of worms whilst investigating this latest issue is the reaction I got:-


A sniper from a South African Infantry Battalion who is from time to time used by both Military  Intelligence (MI) and National Intelligence in operations to 'neutralise' persons who pose a threat to National Security. Said sniper is one of three snipers still using 7,62 mm (308 calibre) rifles. He is also adept at using long range tranquilliser dart equipment.  Said sniper lives near Poffadder in the Northern Cape and from time to time works for the organisation which is installing the Dept. of Agriculture funded Irrigation Pipeline in Goodhouse. Said sniper was asked to obtain the whereabouts of Izak Labuschagne and neutralise him. The NI fax he was shown reflected a ‘sper datum’ of 25 - 30th October 1998. Sniper said he would let them know. Sniper also indicated that some judge who was operating for (NI) was exposed due to my activities and that this was the reason I had become a problem for NI.. It also appears that my wife’s continued persistence with the problem is further aggravating the situation. Said sniper and I had met before I left for Cape Town and had good in depth conversation. He immediately sought me out on my return and gave me the information related above.




One would have to be part of the lunatic fringe to believe that all this is coincidence, or have immense faith in improbabilities - all of which could impossibly escape the impression that extraordinary lengths are being gone to cover up the plot.


These farmers have been had in a way that I have never witnessed before, or ever thought I would. It is a nightmare of absolutely frightening proportions. Enough to make anyone acutely outraged.


The question is - what should be done about this, and is there anyone not too numbed by The Process out there that WILL do something about this.


































































What to do


First off - you have an obligation to warn your friends. Secondly start using your head, instead of allowing others use it for you!


by Izak Labuschagne




Compilers details


Izak Labuschagne, who has been a member of the International Association of Financial Planners since March 1988 is also certified as a Dealers Representative under the News South Wales Securities Code in Australia and an authorised Accredited Investment Advisor of the Bank of New Zealand, Cashlink. He currently heads up a private actio popularis Commission of Inquiry under section 38 of the South African Constitution which investigates Judicial Irregularities in the Administration of Justice and Activities by Members of Secret Societies. He  has consulted to and represented political parties and international church denominations in the Courts, up to Constitutional Court level in South Africa. He is a founder member of the Charter Boat Association in Durban. Apart from being involved in several other projects he has various other qualifications and abilities which bear little or no relevance to this report and are therefore not worth mentioning. Labuschagne is currently on holiday in the area in question, having taken a break from his usual activities for medical reasons. From an availability point of view it should be noted that he will need to undergo an operation in the near future and wishes to travel overseas in order to complete and promote the first of 3 volumes that will serve the purpose of documenting the findings of the commission as well as an accompanying TV documentary, as soon as possible. Address P O Box 137 Steinkopf, 8244    Tel No’s (0251) 5842



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