1. This Commission was condoned by His Lordship Justice Mall of the Durban and Coast Local Division of the Supreme Court of South Africa on the 24th day of May 1995 as per pages 11 at 20-30, 12 at 5 and 14 of the transcript of case No A 175/93.

  2. The Commission manifests as an Actio Popularis Commission.

  3. It operates under Sections 8(1) 9, 15, 18, 32, 33, 34, 38, 198, 231 (5), 232, 233, and Schedule 6 (22) of Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and as such is independent of any organ of state.

  4. It’s Terms of Reference covers inter alia any other related matters into the topic of it’s description.

  5. This Commission does not fall under the Commission's Statute, and is therefore appropriately able to independently and without encumbrances to investigate organs of state in line with the official state doctrine of Openness and Transparency.

  6. None of its investigating officers are Officers of Court in order that it may similarly appropriately investigate the activities of Officers of Court i.e. attorneys, Advocates, Public Prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges.

  7. This Commission has, at this stage, no quasi judicial powers of itself, but it may provide evidence to any other personam, instance or agency, in any litigation before the Courts or any other recognised forum, or to bodies fulfilling similar roles such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

  8. This Commission or any of it’s members, agents and employees may litigate in personam, or under section 38 of the Constitution, or on any other legal grounds as are disposable to any person at law in any tribunal or forum as provided for under Section 34 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, having regard to such international instruments as the Helsinki Accord in line with the provisions encapsulated in sections 321, 232 and 39 of the Constitution.

  9. This Commission has found it necessary (due to a host of death threats against it’s investigating officers) that the findings of this Commission be published on the Internet from time to time in order to secure the safety of the investigating officers. Access to the web sight concerned is secured under the auspices of International Agencies engaged in similar investigations and are therefore not as yet accessible to the public at large.

  10. Members of the public are invited to supply any information that may assist this Commission in it’s investigations.

  11. This commission is assisted by local and International Agencies involved in similar work.

  12. This Commission is not state funded but independently funded from the populous at large.

Contact details

Izak Labuschagne

Chief Investigating Officer

Mobile _+61 (0)452578992

Skype izak.labuschagne