Can you see the writing on the wall in RSA?

Want Freehold Title in a country with no Draconian Land Reform Policy?




  1. Two Freehold Title Properties of about 1,500 ha each.
  2. Seven Perpetual Grazing Concessions making up about 7,000 ha.

3.      All farms in middle-veldt (Sweet and red grass). Lots of water.

4.      Two of them border on major rivers.

  1. Elevations from 600 - 1,300 m above sea level.
  2. All in close proximity to towns.
  3. Immense Tourism potential.


For further detail see the links JOHNS WALK (click Investment)



       Sell in RSA now (before prices crash completely) See ARS

       Get access to the same size & quality of land at half the cost.

       Move your livestock, or sell and buy local stock there.

       Qualify for numerous investment incentives such as tax holidays.

       Get funding for ancillary projects and be paid for mentoring them.

       Considering a Joint Venture? Talk to me.


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