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Friday 12 August 2005



The President of South Africa

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Sybilla Hilzinger-Maas


For the attention of: Mr. Dirk Du Toit

Deputy Minister of Land Affairs

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Mr. President,



RE GOODHOUSE Northern cape



When all the attempts at concerned, tactful approach, when pleading, when all attempts at coming up with workable solutions, when warnings, when admonishment have been ignored, have all come to naught, then there comes a time when rebuke is appropriate. Hence: -

1.                      This letter is directed to your office since your Minister of Land Affairs and her deputy are unable or unwilling to answer correspondence in this matter.

2.                      This situation is so serious that it is fully set out on the Internet. This letter too will be posted on the Internet. Moreover, the letter will be sent to your offices via speed services and the tracking number will also be placed on the Internet. As you no doubt know, the site in question is www.izak.co.za and the relevant tab on that site is the one marked LAND REFORM.

3.                      The MEC for Land Affairs in the Northern Cape has visited Goodhouse and unilaterally announced that she has procured R 5 mil for a state run project at Goodhouse.

4.                      The local ANC council went so far as to say that it will be a purely ANC project.

5.                      Needless to say there has been no prior consultation with the farmers in the area and for that alone the 19 top farmers in the area reject the proposal outright.

6.                      Your MEC should be instructed to use that money to transfer the land to the community so that they can implement their own plan, independent from the interference and consistent sabotage of the government.

7.                      Instead of transferring state held land to the coloured community at Goodhouse as is required by various statutes, your government persists with its strategy of installing projects that can impossibly succeed and that your officials in any event deliberately and repeatedly destroy. All they are interested in is to raise money from tax payers for yet another government run and destroyed project so that they can distribute the managements fees, planning fees, consultation fees, commissions and other gross margins to their political friends.

8.                      In the last project that little formula enriched ANC members by no less than 18 mil Rands. The scorpions are not yet finished with their investigations and yet another is being cooked up.

9.                      Five million Rand is a ridiculous figure with which to start a project there. Just to repair the pipeline will cost more. In fact the pipeline (that was designed by your government to fail in the first place) needs to be scrapped and each farmer should get their own irrigation infrastructure to suite his particular purposes. Irrigation infrastructure that in fact pre-existed the last project, but that your government induced them into discarding in favour of the rigged-to-fail system you deployed last.

10.                  Please get it though your head sir. The real farmers at Goodhouse (and not the layabouts and crooks that your local council have rounded up from the ANC cadres in other towns) want nothing to do with your government. They have tolerated your government’s partisanship, racism, abuse, hostility and rigged-to-fail projects for neigh on 20 years and are sick of it.

11.                  The land should have been transferred in the early 90’s and still is not. Why not?

12.                  All you need to do Mr. President in order to admit the following is not to answer this letter, to acquiesce by your silence to the following allegations. Allegations which your government has already supply ample proof of. Allegations which it has not defended because they are true: -

12.1.                        Your government will do all it can to prevent non ANC members from being beneficiaries in the land reform program

12.2.                        Your government will hold on to the millions of hectares of state land in the name of your minister of land affairs as long as possible so that you can continue to hold the occupants of that land to ransom with government run projects (provided they vote for you).

12.3.                        Your government will instead of giving these landowners their freedom continue using taxpayer’s money to create project after project that benefits your government officials and their friends.

12.4.                        For your government, failed projects are a moneymaking business.

12.5.                        For your government failed projects (at the instance of the government) serve as justification for perpetuating your draconian control over the rural voter population.

12.6.                        For your government, undermining the policies and legislation guiding the land reform process justifies its claim that the process is failing and its intention to follow in the footsteps of Zimbabwe, which you are so careful to so clandestinely support.

12.6.1.                              You have a 100% success rate in destroying projects in the land reform program.

12.6.2.                              You have refused to take up offers in the willing buyer willing seller scenario and now you claim it has failed.

12.6.3.                              You refuse to transfer state held land to their rightful beneficiaries in terms of the laws your government put in place.

12.6.4.                              You justified the delay by saying that they are not yet ready to take transfer because they have not succeeded yet. Yet you make sure they do not.

12.7.                        Your government is by using these machiavellian crisis management tactics in fact stabling your own people in the back as you are playing into the hands of the first world that wants to keep Southern African Agriculture stifled for as long as possible in order to protect their own markets.

12.8.                        You are perfectly in concert with the various organisations that have made their aims in this regard clear. You Sir, are known to attend their meetings, you are part of their fraternal's and member of their secret societies.

12.9.                        You appear to be unable to answer these allegations because they are true.

12.10.                   Your government is too afraid to face the farmers of Goodhouse when they are assisted by their advisor. That has been proved repeatedly.

12.11.                   I challenge you to stop your government from being so cowardice Sir and to deal with the Goodhouse issue.

12.12.                   Give them their freedom. Transfer the land to them so that they can make a success on their own. And stop sabotaging their chances to do so.

As you already know, this letter is sent under mandate from the leader of the Goodhouse Community and the Links Cloetes. I state this for the benefit of the media that will receive this letter. Mr. Cloete can be contacted on +27 76 1140745

As I said Sir, If you have the guts to deal with this answer me. I would like nothing more than for you to prove me wrong. Right now though all the hard facts prove me right. If you are guilty just remain silent. The world is watching you.


Yours truly,

Izak Labuschagne