Benefits and spin offs
Any prospective private sector partner will no doubt benefit from the following: -
1. Accessibility to some of the
finest irrigation land in South Africa.
1.1. No limitations as to water supply
2. Being first in the market with regards to certain crops such as grapes.
3. Endless supply of, solar and wind energy for drying crops and future electric energy generation.
4. Allegiance and access to well reputed
strategic planning facility.
5. Grant funding for training in BEE structures.
6. Donor funding from various aid agencies.
7. Exposure to AGOA and various other
export markets
8. Exposure to financiers for the overall strategies of the project
9. Exposure to the
cross sector initiative introduced by the strategic planning wing
10. Exposure to various other
potential partners
11. Possibility of having a
share in the project
12. Positioning with regards to the acquisition of factories such as paprika or cucumber pickling plant
13. Positioning in respect of various
other cross border projects andprojects in other African countries
14. Being able to freeze out competition in markets by taking up investment avenues in Africa south of the equator (supplying EU/USA winter markets) instead of allowing other FDI's to do so.
15. Taking part in and exploiting the beinifits of participation and sharing in the
value adding chain
16. Possibility of
spin offs from litigation against the paprika project by GDP farmers such as: -
16.1. Enhancement of security due to the Acquisition of title to the land by the other partners
16.2. Acquisition, shareholding or use of
16.3. Acquisition, shareholding or use of paprika factory
16.4. Injection of capital
due to damages claimed and awarded
17. Positioned to take over
management of Henkries dates project due to proximity.
18. Expansion into adjoining areas, cross border or otherwise.
19. Establishing a
long term relationship backed by the prospects of huge contingency profits from long term crop establishment
20. Ideal positioning with respect to
financing for ancillary projects such as fish farming, tourism and construction.
21. The obvious benefits of
increasing your critical mass and diversification.

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