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Joint Venture

Phase 1 -- Sweet Waters
Funding sought 
R 80,000.00
Application of funds       
Upgrade Vessel to international passenger vessel status
Interest Rate
Pegged -- 20 % p.a.
Joint Venture rate--25% at 30% capacity to 70% at 90 % capacity
Repayment period
36 months. No early repayment penalties
Sub-Phase 1a--Education
Acquire Ferry for educational Charters (in great demand)
Funds sought R 150.000.
Terms 74% share of business.
25% interest
Security comprises vessel
Phase 2 -- Umhlatuze BEE
Funding sought 
R 3 Million .
Application of funds       
Construct and deploy 3 specialized versatile vessels to exploit untapped fresh water marine resources.
Proposed Partners in BEE
50% IDC for BEE  group. NPA 10% FDI 26%, Mentor is CEO of phase 1 at 14% till repayment to IDC over 5 years
Rebates Available
DTI 30 % over 3 years. Various incentives for foreign investors
Security available
The Unencumbered asset value in vessels. 74% interest in Management company. No penalties on early repayment
Interest Rate
Pegged -- 17% p.a. or Joint Venture rate--12--38%  depending on bookings until loan repaid.
Repayment period 3-5 years.
Exit strategy
Progressively or on full repayment after  term agreed.
Business Plan
A CD is available against the signing of an intellectual property agreement
Phase 2 -- Whale Watching
Funding sought 
R 2 mil
Application of funds       
Build purpose built SAMSA approved 40-seater Whale and Dolphin Watching vessel. R 200.00 marketing budget
Interest Rate
Pegged -- 23 % p.a.
Repayment period
36 months. No early repayment penalties
Participants required in terms of Gazetted Notice
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