Profile / CV


Chronological Record


Family background


Born into a family of super fine wool sheep farmers of the farms Wydgelegen in the Wakkerstroom district and Kommetjie in the Piet Retief district of Transvaal.[1] For details of a book on the background see the following link Woolbarons  




Father:     Izak Hermanus (Herman)


Mother:   Johanna Magdelena (nee Vermaak) Labuschagne.




18th August 1959 (18-8-59) at 12 noon in Piet-Retief, Transvaal Province, South Africa.


Marital status




Secondary Education


University exempted Matriculation 1977 at Potchefstroom Boys High. 


First student to obtain both the English as well as Afrikaans prize in the final year.


Tertiary education


1978 attended Rhodes University for a Bachelor of Theology (B.Th). Withdrew from the course due to irreconcilable differences in doctrinal opinion[2] with the faculty and opted for compulsory National Service Military training instead.


Attended the University of Natal in Durban 1981 for a BA degree. Attained above average credits in all the subjects[6] (see University Library credit register).


The degree was not completed because of a deadlock in the estate of the deceased Izak Hermanus (Herman) Snr.[7]


Military Service


Undertook compulsory National Military Service from mid 1978 - mid 1980 at 1 Maintenance Unit Kimberly. Missed officer training (to Air Force as pilot) due to knee injury.


Completed courses in: -


1.     Liquid gas and Petroleum transport supply and storage.


2.     Ammunition transport, supply and storage.


3.     Overall military equipment stock verification grading and assessment


Deployed to in 1 Military Area (Rundu SWA) as Stock Verification Officer with NCO rank during the SWA border conflict where the following distinctions were obtained.


1.     First balance of the inventory of 1 Military area since 1960


2.     Exposed corruption in the ranks of the NCOs[3]  (A Sergeant, Staff Sergeant and Sergeant Major were sentenced).


a.     Marius Brits, an undercover investigative officer of Project Prime intervened in the investigation when the Sergeant tried to discredit the investigation by suing for insubordination,


3.     Obtained the usual Pro Patria war medallion for fight against terrorism in playing a part in the South West African border conflict.


4.     Acted as Adjutant to the OC 1 Military Area [5] (Col. Nel) notwithstanding the fact that only NCO rank was held. 


At the end of the border duty transferred first to the Entertainment Corps and subsequently to Jozini Military base in Northern Natal where he was put in charge of Housing for both maintenance and allocation.


Work - Travel - Pacific Rim


End 1981 - 1984 Work funded backpack world tour. Taiwan, Japan  (studied Martial Arts under Gogen Yamagugi (tenth Dan) who as also the ex Governor of Manchuria, an attorney, bone specialist and Yoga master in Tokyo). Had student quarters in the dojo attached to the Grand Master’s house in Nishiogikubo Tokyo. (See ). All records certificates, belts and manuals were destroyed in 1993 on the advice of a ‘deliverance’ minister from Hillcrest.


Worked as waiter, private English tutor and entertainer (piano/singer)[8] in Tokyo’s You and Me club in Ikebukuro


Visited Pacific Islands Guam, Majuro, Ponape, Ngatik, Ponalape, Nauru, New Caledonia.


Art and Music - Australia


Sold Australian art for Sydney art dealer[9] across 3 states (New South Whales, Victoria and Queensland) travelling extensively in the Outback.


Played in some of Australia’s best piano bars in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane for media mogul Kerry Packer at his Perisher Valley Hotel[10] and at the exclusive Alpenhorn Lodge[11] of Thredbo Alpine Village in the world class Snowy Mountains ski resorts of Southern New South Whales. Helped develop the Rio Piano Bar[12] in Bondi Beach and got the interest of a director (Warwick Boyling) of NRMA (the largest insurance company in Australia) in developing the Stars Piano Bar in Bondi Junction. The piano Bar menu can be seen and some samples of songs at and


International Finance - South Africa


1984  - returned to RSA to assess outcome of the disputed estate.[13] 


Developed first Reserve Bank approved system of National and International Trusts whereby money could be moved from RSA to Tax Havens abroad.[14]


International Finance - Australia


End 1984 - beginning 1987 was recruited by Australian branch of the London Based Financial Planning firm Anthony Bryant and Company in Sydney.  Ascended to Executive Associate level with the firm. Firm was ultimatelytaken over by Mildon and Company [15] and later merged with Bondmark Investments[16] to form one of the largest and most prestigious firms of its kind in Australia. Ascended to Senior Associate level within the company heading up their Brisbane office in 1985.

Ascended to Executive Associate Level with Mildon and Company. Held position as top producer of the company on numerous occasions.


Whilst with Mildon, & Co. attained certification as an Australian Certified Investment Planner through the associate Company Bondmark Investments (Pty) Ltd. in July 1987. See 

Obtained License to act as Dealers Representative on the Sydney Stock Exchange in New South Whales on 11 October 1988

Formed and became CEO for Chagne Corporate and Personal Financial Planners in August 1988.

As CEO of Chagne (Pty) Ltd., held agencies and sourcing mandates with most of the major Investment, finance and Insurance Companies in Australia and some major banks. Obtained
 accreditation with the Bank of New Zealand as an authorized Investment Advisor. The client base consisted of private individuals in the upper echelon income bracket such as prominent media personalities and directors of many large corporations. Many of the top Corporations such as Amatil Ltd. and the International Hellman Freight forwarding group also formed part of the client base. Most of the main accounting and law firms together with a whole range of other specialist consultants fitted into the Chagne network as out-source and reference entities.

Chagne advised in respect of several innovative products such as Productivity Awards and Long Service Leave structures and negotiated with trade unions, Insurance Companies and Industry leaders.


In the international arena Chagne advised on the formation of student, enter vivos and discretionary trusts, holding companies, banking, risk management, tax planning and insurance entities.  Chagne pioneered the idea of Counter Investment Strategies between South Africa and investors resident in other jurisdictions. This idea was later redefined and redeveloped by South African Reserve Bank approved entities into the Asset-Swop Scenario which is still prevalent in South Africa today.

Admitted as a member of the International Financial Planning Association on 31 March 1988.


Certification: -


For copies of the certificates click on Certificates.pdf and be prepared to wait for the download.


Australian Investment Planners Association accreditation (see copy of certificate attached)


Dealers Representative License No 2DR 17634 on the Sydney Stock Exchange in 1988. (See copy of certificate attached) 


Granted membership   of International Association of Financial Planners. (See copy of certificate attached)  As far as is known, was first ex South African to do so.


Obtained accreditation with the Bank of New Zealand as an authorized Investment Advisor for the group. (See certificate attached) First to do so ex-RSA.


Citizenship - Australia


Granted Australian citizenship by the Minister of Internal Affairs on 6 March 1986


Restaurant - Durban CBD


Financed and then repossessed a famous restaurant (Saltori’s) in Durban (see newspaper reports).

End 1989 Returned to RSA in order to  restructure  inherited assets. (involved (inter alia) in negotiations with Swaziland Royal Family for establishing a National Trust controlled  game park in the Mahamba Mountains).


Agriculture - South Africa


Strategic Planner For Gil Group of Companies 2000 – 2002.


Addressed World Bank Conference on strategies for projects in Agri Sector and Land Reform in South Africa. See the presentation at World Bank


Developed the Group One Development Project detailed at GDP . This project did not materialise for reasons set out on the Land reform Website at


Developed the John’s Walk resort for a property in the Mahamba mountains of Swaziland (See, Obtained various court orders under the Farm Dwellers Act from the Acting Chief Justice of the High Court of Swaziland acting in personam, opposed by an ex minister of Justice (Mr. Dla Dla and one of the foremost advocates on the Swaziland Bar and head of the lawyers for human rights Adv. Paul Shilubane) as detailed under the link Property Synopsis


Developed the Agricultural Restructuring Strategies outlined at (


Maritime - East Coast of Africa


Purchased sailing yacht Sweet Waters and formed Port  Sail Close Corporation / Charters in 1990. (See copy of brochure attached)


Pioneered the Durban Harbour based Sailing Charter Yacht Industry in 1992 becoming a founder member of the Durban Charter Boat Association in 1993.


Delivered first consignment of Bibles to Mozambique via yacht, whilst being an active member of the Gideons Bible distribution society.   


Obtained first Department  of Transport Yacht Skippers License for the African Coast  south of the equator in 1992. (See skippers certification radio operators certificate and vessel certification attached)


Started Harbour Tours of Richards Bay Dec 2005 which grew it into a successful business from 2005 to 2015 and operated as Port Sail Charters. See


Was engaged in pilot BEE initiative to develop the salt and Fresh water marine resources in and around the city of Richards Bay in Kwa Zulu Natal. See the following link Web Izak\SW WEB\index.html


Started the Facebook Page Yacht Sweet Waters. See


Started the Facebook Page Port Sail Charters. See


Served on several tourism committees such as the Tour Guides Association (founder member and treasurer) as well as serving a term as Chairman for the Sea Scouts in Richards Bay.


Commissioned to write report for underwriters and surveyors as an eyewitness to the sinking of the Motor Vessel Smart.


Produced voice over presentation for SAPS Border Police in Richards Bay.


Started the Facebook Page Zululand Black Powder Enthusiasts See . A sample of some of the video’s can be found at  ,  , and For firearm competencies see


Personally did all refits and upgrades, electrical plumbing, instruments and mechanical on Yacht Sweet Waters.


Marine restoration project


Commissioned to plan and supervise the refit of the Classic 76 ft motor Yacht Venture II in Hout Bay in 2016. This involved all aspects, from structural, electronics, machinery, hydraulics, fitting out, licensing and instrumentation. See


Legal - South Africa


Following  the development of several litigious  issues  (inter alia a claim for Salvage) in the Durban and Coast Local Division of  the Supreme  Court  of South Africa[17] and  thence  the  Natal Provincial Division,  called for leave to set up a Commission of Inquiry  into Administrative  Irregularities  in  the  Judicial System and Activities by Members of Secret Societies.


Assisted by Senator Ernst Mchunu who was the Dean of Law for the University of Zululand (Professor.) and chairman of the Judicial Services Commission of South Africa. Senator Mchunu described the litigation as being complex and as containing ‘allegations that go to the very root of the integrity of the judicial system in South Africa’ See . For details see


Granted leave to set up the Commission by Judge Mall (subsequently on the TRC)  in 1995 which was the  first "actio popularis" commission of its kind in RSA. (See ).


Asked to represent the African Christian Democratic Party by their  National  Executive in a Supreme Court matter before  the Witwatersrand Local Division in 1995[18],  thence the Constitutional Court  and  finally,  the  Appellate Division and became the first  layman  to represent a political party in RSA.


Instrumental in ejecting members of National and Military Intelligence as well as a Senator in the Witwatersrand Houses of Assembly that had infiltrated the party with ulterior political motives.


At the same time handled cases in personam at the Durban High Court, all of which were won or settled see


Honorary Doctorate


Asked by the 2 mil strong St John’s Apostolic faith Mission African church to intervene in a matter in the Witwatersrand division of the Supreme Court of South Africa in Johannseburg. Took the matter to the Constitutional Court and became first layman ever to do so. This became know as the Bible Case. The 2461 pages of application, affidavits, evidence and arguments in that case was studied world wide. That information together with a series of lectures and extracts from the court arguments ( see dealing with Christians and litigation, Ubuntu (See ) and other topics is what prompted the President of the Christian Coalition and co-founder of the ACDP in putting forward the recommendation detailed at the link (Reccomendation.pdf ).   The document contains extracts of the pleadings and arguments in the matter. The recommendation resulted in the granting of an honorary doctorate in Ecclesiastic Law at the behest of Arlington University and a Doctorate in Divinity by the Holy Nation Bible College in KZN in February of 2001. Inquiries about the accolades can be directed to Professor W Matlotlo at 031 7710613 / 083 239 5992. Assisted Professor Matlotlo and the other rectors and deans of the many other and affiliated Bible colleges with the bestowing of degrees on the pupils that had completed their studies.  “Arlington University”, the University that authorised the accolade subsequently fell into disrepute for issuing spurious accolades and is reportedly so mentioned on the Internet. Two days after the Chief Bishop of the St John’s church passed away, the Constitutional Court dismissed the application without there having been a hearing and no reasons for the dismissal were proffered . Thousands of  individual petition forms were signed in objection. An example of the petition form appears at under the certificates tab (  Correspondence was exchanged with the offices of the Judicial Services Commission, Minister of Justice and the President’s office See and This event is mentioned in this profile to highlight what turned out to be accurate predictions in the arguments in so far separation between church and state is concerned in South Africa as well as other far reaching consequences for evangelic churches and the power of the state to dictate doctrine regarding Biblical law is concerned.


Some firsts: -


First person in South Africa to take a matter to the Constitutional Court from the Durban and Coast Local Division of the High Court of South Africa.


First person in South Africa to argue equitable access in South Africa.

First person in South Africa to bring a public interest matter under the newly introduced actio popularis doctrine enshrined in section 7(4) of the New Human Rights Interim Constitution of 1993. The Bible Case.

First private individual in South Africa to succeed in obtaining leave to set up a Commission of Inquiry into Administrative Irregularities in the Judicial System and the Activities of members of secret societies in South Africa.


Set up first Trust structure with reserve Bank approval Enter Vivos JML Trust with Barclays and discretionary beneficiary with Melitco in Vanuato No  001



Invited by church leaders, Agricultural unions and various other interest groups to conduct seminars on a wide range of topics related to the Commission of Inquiry around South Africa

Produced several pamphlets, articles reports and research papers on these topics from 1995 to date.

Provided strategic planning assistance to the impoverished farming community in Goodhouse Northern Cape to rationalise their situation insofar as property rights, financial matters and development is concerned. For details of this highly political action see the following link and the cross-links on that web page 

Provided pro deo assistance to victims of secret society conspiracies and to ex members of secret societies.



Ordained as minister of the Gospel by Embo Christian Fellowship Church of Jesus Christ in Hillcrest on 15 June 1989


Ordained as minister by the Holy Nation Bible College (HNBC), Durban, South Africa on 14 August 1999.


HNBC is affiliated to the International Interdenominational School of Theology (IIST) presided over by its Rector Prof. Wellington Matlotlo. IIST is affiliated in a presiding capacity to various theological colleges in South Africa and in collaboration or subordinate capacity to various other such institutions world wide.


Ordained as minister by Inter City Mission Fellowship (ICMF), Johannesburg, South Africa on 28 March 2003.


ICMF is affiliated to Hebron University in the USA.


Appointed to board of directors of Inter City Mission Fellowship.


Political - South Africa


Spent  time  at  the  Houses of Parliament in  Cape  Town  where political  advisors,   members  of  Parliament and  Senators  of various parties and the Judicial Services Commission were lobbied for  setting up the Commission.  [19]


Spent  time as legal consultant and representative for the  ACDP in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature in Johannesburg.  (See security card attached)


Asked  to  preside  as an a non-party member  of  the  ACDP Guardian  Committee at the Provincial Annual General  Conference of the  Western Cape as well as at the National Annual  General Conference of the ACDP in 1995.


Placed pressure on the king of Swaziland and on South Africa in respect of clandestine policies and actions in the Land reform programs. See Web Izak\Letter to King2.htm and LandReformWebPage.htm


Legal activism - South Africa


Asked  by   one  of the largest  African  churches  in  the Southern Hemisphere (The St.  John's Apostolic Faith Mission) to intervene in a matter before the Transvaal Provincial Division of the Supreme Court in mid 1996.  Became first layman to intervene on behalf of church in RSA history.


At the end of 1996  took  the  matter  on  Appeal  and  Review  to   the Constitutional  Court  for  a declaration of  rights  under  the religious freedom clause.  Obtained the backing of the Christian Coalition and 10% of the RSA population.[20]


In the beginning of 1997 was asked to assist the St. John's church in tidying  up the affairs of the Mission and regaining control  of their R 10,5 million p.a. budget from National and International Intelligence Insurgents


Obtained Petition driven mandates from the leadership of 9,2 million persons of the  RSA electorate (1/4 of the population)[21] to facilitate legislation to curtail the   political,  cultural  and  religious  influence  of  the Constitutional  Court in South Africa upon the  populous. First action of its kind in RSA history.


Lobbied the State President, Minister of Justice, Chief Justice  and Judicial Service Commission  for the removal of corrupt judges from office [22]


Lecture Tours and videos - South Africa


Conducted lecture tours across South Africa on the Bible Case, Christians and Litigation, fulfilment of prophecy, controlling organisations, Freemasonry and the Bible etc.  See


Books and pamphlets - South Africa


Wrote or busy writing / editing the reports, books and pamphlets detailed at the following link   

South Africa on a Point of Order (a look at who and what is behind the new order in South Africa), [23] See the link Web Izak\RSAPO.htm


UBUNTU The officially legislated state religion of South Africa


Evolution fact or theory, religion or science.


The Wool Barons of South Africa


Freemasonry and the Bible. Are they compatable?


Report on Political Brainwashing in agricultural communities. See the link Web Izak\MI3AMSWa.htm


LAND REFORM IN SOUTHERN AFRICA, The Hidden Agendas, The Scams, The Moles, The Corruption, The Victims, The Future” This book is incomplete and deals with the topic under exposure on the link Web Izak\Full and Frank Disclosure of Investment Risk.htm


Various other pamphlets and studies etc. See   


Agriculture - Northern Cape - South Africa - Namibia


Assisted farming community in Goodhouse Northern Cape to rationalise their situation insofar as property rights, financial matters and development is concerned. See the link Web Izak\GDP Web Page\index.html


Produced a R 30 Million Rand development project for the area covering agriculture and eco-tourism which was submitted to the Cape Town Branch of the Africa Project Development Facility of the World Bank[24] ,


Compiled a 34 page preliminary report on the activities of Military Intelligence in the area under the Auspices of the abovementioned Commission, which report was welcomed by the Transvaal Agricultural Union.[25]


Designed financial spreadsheets, finance procuring systems and legal contracts for the community in order to safeguard them against continued exploitation.


Strategic planner for the R 900 Million Green Desert Project.


Addressed World bank conference on Agricultural Development See World Bank and


Was appointed CEO of the SADC Development Trust.


Was invited by various organisations to address them on agricultural projects in SADEC see


Developed the Mahamba Gorge Project ( ). Obtained definitive orders in terms of the Farm Dwellers Act of Swaziland as such from the then acting Chief Justice, Judge Kobus Annandale


Awards and offers - Christian Coalition


Offered position of trustee for the Christian Coalition South Africa. (See copy of offer attached)


Awarded certificate for the champion of the reformation of the judicial system in South Africa by the Christian Coalition. (See copy of certificate attached)


 Noise Control Regulations.


Started the Facebook page Noise Control SA (see ) after having to obtain orders to bind the peace and Protection from Harassment Orders against several restaurants and clubs in the waterfront area of Richards Bay. The recalcitrance of the operators, municipality, certain members of SAPS, two developers  and certain members of the Liquor Board and the Harbour Master, necessitated a applications to the Magistrates Court in Empangeni, criminal court in Richards Bay as well as the High Court  in Durban. The Harbour Master, both developers, one yachtsman and a restaurant owner, subjected to interim orders and had warrants of arrest authorised against them. The Liquor Board CEO, Municipality CEO, and SAPS Water Wing were ordered to enforce the Noise Control regulations and the orders of court obtained. Applications for incarceration for contempt against SAPS and the municipality were narrowly avoided by a string of settlements from all 10 respondents following a hearing where their legal teams were very quickly and soundly defeated.


A recommendation to the Cape Town Municipality regarding upgrading the regulations was made.




On the coastal trip to Cape Town from Richards Bay in yacht Sweet Waters, Two SAMSA surveyors overstepped the line in respect of abuse of the process and faced interim orders similar to the above from the Mossel Bay Magistrates Court. A substantive paper on the powers under the Merchant Shipping Act as well as the SAMSA Acts was submitted to the Minister’s office as well as SAMSA Cape Town. The matter was settled in Hout Bay.


Trading and investment


Negotiated and drew up the sales agreement for the sale of a property in Plettenberg Bay.


Identified and assembled a team consisting of an advocate, JSE trader, commodity traders, freight forwarder and database of  facilitators for the purposes of brokering various commodity transactions. This endeavour is current and awaits  the finalisation of financial instruments and funding as conditional acceptance of related project management position.


General Activities


1.      Project Developer and Strategic Planning Consultant.


2.    Lecturer on the role of secret societies, Salvage law, Strategic Financial and Legal Planning the popular hypotheses employed in the manipulation of secular and Christian education and in Biblical eschatology.


3.    Writer on a variety of topics, as above mentioned.


4.     Was involved in setting up a structure for the alleviation of the equitable access dilemma in South Africa, for the curtailment of the internationally frowned upon hyper -technical approach in the South African Court System and for the creation of a data base regarding corruption in the fraternity of South Africa.


5.    Mandated to develop several Projects in the SADC region. These projects cover Cross border Eco Tourism, agricultural empowerment, and Community Development aspects. See Web Izak\Projects.htm


D        Positions held


1.    CEO of Mahamba Mountains John’s Walk Eco Resort.

2.    CEO of Port Sail Charters CC.

3.    Principal of Umhlatuze Charters BEE initiative

4.    CEO of the SADC Project Development Fund Trust. This organization was vested with a substantial data base of projects which it linked up with suitable financiers, donors, joint venture partners and stake holders both locally and internationally.

5.    Elected to the n board of directors Inter City Mission Fellowship, which position is no longer current.

6.    Strategic analyst for the Links Cloete’s Land Claim in the Richtersveld

7.      Strategic Planner for the Cape Tanker project.


Past developments


All the cases that were brought to stifle the claim against the insurance broker were won (See )

All cases were defended and brought in person throughout and as such against the counsel of Anglo American, Standard Bank, Portnet, the yacht Clubs, Admiral Underwriters, the biggest law firms in South Africa employing the very best senior advocate authorities as council.


The Masonic stronghold over Durban was broken and this was evidenced by the fact that there was for the first time in some 120 years a non- Masonic judge presiding as Judge President of the Division.


The campaign against undue technicalities has also gained impetus as will be measured from the attachment detailed under the link Web Izak\JUDEPR~1.htm.




Sailing – Hold Commercial Coastal Skippers ticket with passenger endorsement

Backpacking, Mountaineering,

Game hunting

Martial arts – Was one of a handful of westerners invited to study under 10th Dan Gojen Yamaguchi in Japan.


Physical attributes


Height        1.77m

Weight       80 Kg

Age            56 ( as in June 2016 )


Credit references and Police clearances


Please refer to the appropriate documents attached hereto. [26]


Contact details


Cell            0731 5678 25

Fax            860 6704

Skype        izak_labuschagne







To view certificates click on Certificates.pdf  and be prepared to wait some time for the download (1155 KB) 


          Trinity College of Music Certification, Grade 3 Theory, Grade 7 Practical

          University Exemption Matriculation Certificate

          Note to Preach in the Methodist Church of South Africa

          Military Service Pro Patria Medallion Certificate

          University of Natal Credits

          Japanese Go Yu Ryu Karate Student Card

          Australian References (Piano Bar Entertainer) (5)

          Executive Associate -  Mildon and Company Financial Planners

          Australian Certified Investment Planners (ACIP) Certification

          Dealers Representative License for The Sydney Stock Exchange

          International Financial Planners Association Membership Certification

          Accreditation as Investment Advisor for The Bank of New Zealand

          Brochure on Chagne Corporate Financial Planners

          Newspaper articles covering activities as Restaurateur in Durban CBD

          Maritime Radio Operators Certificate

          Certification as Coastal Skipper by The Cruising Association of South Africa

          Certification as Skipper of Commercial Vessel by Department of Transport

          Newspaper articles on activities as Charter Operator

          Letter by Senator (JSC member) re: Judicial Irregularities exposed by Izak

          Resolution by African Christian Democratic Party to act (High Court)

          ACDP request for Commission of Inquiry to Minister of Justice.

          Newspaper article on Recusal of Freemason Judge from the bench

          Resolution by St. John’s Apostolic Faith Mission to act in High Court.

          Offer of Trusteeship by Christian Coalition South Africa

          Mandate and Petition signed by Christian Coalition of South Africa

          Copy of letters from the President’s Office

          Copy of letter from the Minister of Justice’s Office

          Certification as Champion for the Reformation of the System of Justice

          Commissions Report Agriculture in South Africa Report on activities by Military Intelligence in the Northern Cape

          Book entitled South Africa On a Point of Order - a look at who and what is behind the new order in South Africa (300 pages)

          Booklet on UBUNTU in the context of Act 200/1993

          Booklet entitled The Wool Barons of South Africa

          Eschatological overview charts

          John's Walk Project Development

          Goodhouse Project Development

          Article on Salvage Law and the Small Craft Owner

          Heads of Argument in Case No A175/93 (60 pages)

          The St Johns Case (2642 pages)

          Report to the President and the JSC on Irregularities and the Activities of Secret Societies in the Judicial System (1300 pages)

          Articles on Churches and their Constitutions and The Christian and Litigation in South Africa.


PLEASE NOTE To see the certificates click on the following link (be prepared to wait for the download)  Web Izak\Certificates.pdf


Religious leaders



Dr. Rev Archbishop Bishop Sopbopha (St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Southern Africa)



Dr. Rev. Jack Stagman (Ex  ACDP NEC member and co-founder of the party, present President and founder SADC DFT, FAI, USA-RSA Heritage Foundation, CEO Coalition Project Holdings)



Archbishop Dennis Maherry (St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Southern Africa)

Bishop Tjitjombo (St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Southern Africa Namibia)

Bishop Sono (St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Southern Africa)

Bishop Govuzela  (St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Southern Africa)

Dr. Rev Robbie Cairncross (Trustee SADC DFT, FAI)

Rev. Abel David (Trustee SADC DFT, FAI)

Rev. John Moses (Trustee SADC DFT FAI)

Rev. Chin Reddy, (NEC member ACDP)

Rev. Tinus Botha, (ex NEC member ACDP) and President  of a new political pressure group in Gauteng

Pastor Johannes Ncube (Trustee SADC DFT, FAI)

Pastor Dennis Pillay (Newhaven Assemblies of churches, Durban)

Pastor Pierre Du Plessis (Roodepoort JHB)

Pastor Ferdie   (Amanzimtoti)

Mr. Ashley Robinson (Trustee ACDP)

Mr. Anton Muller ACDP

Mr. Erwin Schroeder Christians For Truth





Mr. Craig Williams ( Director:- Mildon and Company; Charter Bridge Australia)

Mr. Eastcorp Investment Management Pty Ltd)

President of the International Financial Planners Association Australia (31-3-88)

Accredited Investment Advisor for Bank of New Zealand Cashlink 14/6 1988

Certified Investment Planner with Bondmark Investment Services Pty Ltd. Under Australian Investment Planners Association 

Mr. David Mc Cleod (Executive Associate Mildon and Company)

Mr. Phil Scanlan Amatil Ltd. Australia

Mr. Tim Clucas Channel Seven Television, Australia, Producer Beyond 2000

Mr. Niel Mayger (Alpenhorn Lodge Australia)

Mr. John Berry (Persiher Valley Hotel Australia)




Mr. Davie Jacobs Haven Marine Yacht Chandlers

Mr. Thys Le Roux Betel Publishers

Mr. Erick Hatting Sanlam Insurance

Mr. Isaac Potgieter Assegai Tourist office

Mr. Chris Bester Sita Sive Garage Nhlangano

Mr. Gareth Bouden Bouden group of trusts

Mr. Andrew Shulze Rich Group Marketing

Mz. Meme Glover

Mr. Jeff Sanwith Tuneserve BMW

Mr. Tim Munsen

Mr. Charles Dargie

Mr. Mike Randall Randall Plumbers

Mr. Phil Joubert Nolangeni Safaris

Dr. Rama Naidu DDP

Mssrs. Piet, Hendrik, Jan and Bennie Cloete Dirs. Bergkamp Boerdery Goodhouse



Countess Violetta De Frey Tangl (Bulgaria)


Government officials



The honorable late Senator Prof Ernst Mchunu (letter to Minister of Justice dated 7 November 1994)

The Hon. Members of Parliament  ACDP

Col. Nel OC 1 Military Area SWA

Cmdt. Blignaut 1 Mil. Area SWA



Retired Regional Secretary of Southern Swaziland and Ambassador to the USA  Mr. Peter Mtetwa

The Hon. Ex Member of Parliament of Southern Swaziland Mr Antoon Roberst

The hon. Member of Parliament Mr. Jackson Msweli Mdluli

The Regional Secretary Mr. Sipho Shongwe

Legal profession


Adv Dieter Achtzehn Durban

Adv Christo Nel Cape Town

Attorney Jeremy Baldwin Durban

Attorney Anton Jordaan Knysna

Attorney Ewald Weber Piet Retief

Attorney David Hallet Australian High Commission Pretoria





[1] See the pamphlet entitled “The Wool Barons”                                                                                                                                    

[2] Faculty was propagating the spurious Alexandrian cult (based on the flawed Saniticus and Vaticanus texts) through “Higher Criticism” and Biblical “Hermeneutics” designed to discredit the Bible.

[3] Were swapping new military vehicle engines for old and selling the new engines as army surplus to  “selected clients”

[5] Later renamed Sector 20

[6] Political Science, Sociology, Economics, English, Speech and Drama with view to major in Political Science and economics augmented by legal credits for an LLB degree and MA in International Law. The idea was to enter the International arena as opposed to the national legal arena.

[7] Dispute over redistribution of assets developed into a stalemate leaving executors no option but to cease distribution of income.

[8] You and Me Club, Ikebukuro

[9] Hans Bihler, Bondi Junction, Sydney.

[10] See letter of reference

[11] See letter of reference by owner.

[12] See business card attached -  Lebanese partners were Sam Kariampour and Eddy Samiri

[13] Purchased balance of properties left (which constituted a 30% loss in value on the original value described in the will), including all bonds registered.

[14] Barclays bank Enter Vivos Trust no 001 registered the same year, nominating the HILD Trust under the management of Melitco Pty (LTD) in the tax haven Vanuatu in the Pacific.

[15] See attached business card

[16] See Australian Investment Planners certificate attached.

[17] Case A175/93

[18] See resolution attached

[19] See letter by the late Prof. Ernst Mchunu, Senator at the joint Houses of Assembly in cape Town and member of the judicial Service Commission as well as letters by the Honorary Member Louis Green of the ACDP member of the both the Justice and Security Parliamentary watchdog Committees attached hereto.

[20] Case No Ct 42/96 Constitutional Court of South Africa (see documents under annexure BCC)

[21] The Christian Coalition’s support base once stood at 14 million about 1/3rd of the population!

[22] See annexure “Pres” attached hereto.

[23] Available through Copy-Right Services 103 Sir Lowry Rd., Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa, Contact distributor/printer Norman Phillips on (021) 4620124 Fx (021) 4620139

[24] Ref. Cedric Janson Tel (021) 461 0888

[25] ref. Jack Loggenberg  (012) 804 2014

[26] Sequestration order suspended in terms of rule 49(11) High Court Rules . Set aside in terms of section 5(4) as no trustee was appointed seeing that the majority in value and number of the creditors elected that the sequestration to be set aside due to the highly irregular, unfounded and vexatious nature of the claim.