Land reform in Southern Africa


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The latest information on this site appears directly below this message. If you do not have the full story scroll to the bottom and start reading there. Also click on the following link MI3AMSWa.htm to get some perspective of the extent of the brainwashing employed by government. If that sounds too shocking or far fetched to be true please note that the document containing the names of the psychiatrists used, the dates, times and places of the meetings held as well as the outcomes and mind maps produced was intercepted and will be appearing in the Book detailed below.  See also Letter to King2.htm for details of the situation in Swaziland. Bear in mind that Swaziland has no land shortage whatsoever.  Keep watching and send your comments to .  IMPORTANT- Scroll Down on this page




Ø      Latest - Wednesday, 17 August 2005. Caught red handed! Take a look at the next link and see how the National Department of Agriculture went through its records and deleted E-mails I sent to them as far back as one year ago. They probably tried to perpetuate the old lie that they never received anything and that their empty records attests to that. The same lie just exposed at the President’s office (see EmailstoPres.htm and Hi Robert.htm). They did not realise I had tagged the messages. There is the proof of what their Northern Cape Office bragged about to my clients. They said they trash everything from their advisors. See it for yourself here - NDAStonewall.htm.

Ø      Latest - Tuesday, 16 August 2005. At around 10 p.m.  I received an E-mail from the person I was told was responsible for the President’s E-mails. AMAZING! Read it and my response to it for yourself at the next link Hi Robert.htm. Remember the E-mail being answered to are below the answer. Note, there are two.

Ø      Latest - Monday, 15 August 2005. On Friday the 12th , after spending the usual time getting the run-around, I finally managed to leave a message for the administrative secretary of the President to see the web page for the letter I sent. At about this morning I received a phone call with protestations that the previous E-mails were never received. I suggested I be sent an  E-mail to which I could reply and duly was sent one and in it, the e-mail address to the president’s office ( that I used in all previous correspondence was replied to by one Gary Brown. In other words, despite all protestations to the contrary, that IS the right E-mail address, it DEOS work and the E-mails WERE received! For full details of the ensuing correspondence see the following link EmailstoPres.htm . It is only because of the first bit of media reaction that we are seeing an admission but no answers to the important issues yet. These are but the standard reactions expected of a President’s administrative secretary. Many times before, these occur just to try and diffuse a serious situation and then nothing further happens or it is sent to various other departments that never get back. Please keep as much pressure on this situation as possible. The questions are still unanswered. Let us hope that there will now be some resolve in Goodhouse and full and frank disclosure on the allegations that arose out of the volume of evidence in this case.

Ø      Latest Friday, 12 August 2005. The MEC of the Northern Cape is trying to bulldoze yet  another designed-to fail project through at Goodhouse. As usual all the government wants is to scoop some more taxpayers money for their friends. A local council member went so far as to say will be another ANC project. The following letter to the President sets out the details. It sets out the government’s clandestine strategies in the land reform program and challenges him to answer the letter. My guess is he will be unable to do so as the truth cannot be argued against. After all they have already admitted most of it. The Deputy President went so far as to let the cat out the bag when she stated that a lot can be learnt from how Zimbabwe did things. Its no joke, believe me. See the letter to President 4.htm

Ø      Latest Wednesday, 10 August 2005. Dr. Izak Labuschagne’s commentary on the land summit appears under the following link Summit.htm This is important reading as it shows how wealthy white South Africans are selling out on the simple rural folk, the agricultural backbone of South Africa.

Ø      Latest Tuesday, 26 July 2005. FNB have notified me that their actions are purely commercial and not politically inspired. Hendrik Cloete, the leader of the Goodhouse Community would never had fallen behind in his bond repayments if the Government had not induced him into their “Star project” and then deliberately crashed it. Where must this man of 70 go and live now? He cannot pay rent. He has lost his transport to another purely commercial sorry we are not a political organization, Wesbank (part of the FNB bank group). How easily the government gets others to do their dirty work. And low down how dirty it is! Does being a purely commercial financial institution in Africa mean one turns a blind eye to humanitarian suffering while the rest of the world donates money to alleviate human suffering? They tell me that only Hendrik has these problems. Sure, most of the Goodhouse people live in reed houses along the river. The others built their own houses over the years and paid them off. Hendrik was too busy helping the community to look after himself. Now the community is broke and he is going to be thrown out onto the streets. That is what you get if you vote for the opposition in Africa. Pure commercial reality.

Ø      Latest Saturday, 23 July 2005. Now that the pressure is really on government they have pulled out all the harassment stops. First they influenced First National Bank recommence their attempts at denuding the leaders of the Goodhouse and Links Cloete’s communities of their houses. Remember Government infiltrated their project and bankrupted them to start with.

Ø      Next they used the legislation that enables them to monitor all internet activity, monitored me, and at the same time planted a very specific virus on my computer. They are real arrogant about it too. They sent a clear message. The filenames of all the saved web sites that are supporting this exposure of the South African government were changed and only those. They changed the security settings on my data directory containing the information on land reform and only that and then they accessed windows and messed up the registry.  Very specific message indeed. 

Ø       Remember that the government has admitted to what they are doing see letter to Minister 3.pdf. In that letter I asked them to confirm it and they did! As you know the legal position is that if you refuse to answer a charge it is an admission. I said”

Is it your strategy to obtain control of land at the cost of so many lives?

If that is your strategy you need but confirm it by ignoring this correspondence and then sirs, it shall be added to the heady heap of similar indictments that will be published in the first world as an exposure of the wicked tyranny at foot at your command.

Ø      They did not answer because it is the truth. They then supplied more proof after saying I was raising up ghosts when predicting land value collapse. See the link called PROOF.pdf below. The cat is out the bag for good and they are getting desperate.

Ø      One cannot but agree with the Club of Rome when they say that Africa is not ready to be entrusted with the supply of the first world’s food. The pressure on aid will need to be properly managed. As you can see, they are doing a good job of that. Are they going to help the victims. I doubt it. The righteous victims of this world are always cast aside because they are not politically correct. Politics. What the ANC told Hendrik Cloete, the leader of Goodhouse has so much more impetus now. They said. “If you do not vote for us you will starve”. How true. This is dark savage Africa. Kept so by the politically right of the first world.  THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE PUBLIC TO ENTRUST THEIR GENEROUS OFFERINGS OF AID TO ORGANISATIONS OUTSIDE THIS VICIOUS POLITICAL CLIQUE. Organisations that will see to it that the real victims are helped. Watch this space. We are putting together a huge organisation made up of African churches for that prupose.

Ø   Latest Thursday, 21 July 2005. Earlier this week I posted two new tabs on my web site. One on Restructuring in Agriculture See  and  and one on buying in other countries see I was told I was being alarmist. Then an article appeared by Reuters that seemed to support that, but did it? Take a look at this EMBARGO.pdf. And here is the proof THE PROOF.pdf

Ø      Latest Thursday, 30 June 2005. I was sent a fax requesting information of the status quo in Goodhouse deposed to before a commissioner of oaths by each farmer. I am told, in order to write the loans off. Someone has seen the light. So did the First National Bank of South Africa after I politely set out the situation to them. There are still some responsible people in this world. We need to nurture them. Would they also put pressure on the government? Or would they be wasting their time and tact on a lost cause. Please send your demands for an answer on this issue to the president at  and his ministers at

Ø      After I posted the last message, the government immediately resorted to their old trick - harassment.  This happens as regular as clock-work.  See the following link for the sordid nature of the latest -  harrassment.pdf .

Ø      I really thought we would get somewhere this time. See copies of letters written to the President letter to Minister.pdf / letter to Minister2.pdf, / letter to Minister 3.pdf. 

1.      The Result – usual stonewalling followed by a propaganda war (heavily laced with the usual secretly conducted defamation campaign) all topped by grossly selective, bias and government backing reporting in the media see Copied text of e-mail to media.pdf.

Ø       At least I am not alone. Dr. Phillip Du Toit is also taking his fair share of persecution. See the following link: - Free Book: The Great South African Land Scandal - The book they tried to suppress!! . Wonder when South Africans will ever stand together though. In the mean time the good coloured community in Goodhouse is still hungry while there is a project ready to deploy see GDP Web Page\index.html  - but it cannot if the government will no transfer the land.  Communist governments never transfer land because they loose their power of political manipulation that way!

Ø      I am writing a précis to a book on the topic called “Land Reform in Southern Africa, The Hidden Agendas, The Scams, The Moles, The Corruption, The Victims, The Future. A shocking exposure containing intercepted documents, photographs, names, places dates, outcomes etc. by Dr. Izak Labuschagne”. Keep watching this space for details.

Ø      To see a copy of the latest in the legal proceedings regarding Goodhouse that have been interfered with by the state see ðsupplaffid3.pdf . Anyone needing details of the founding documents can send a e-mail to

Ø      To see a copy of the presentation made to the parliamentary Committee on land reform Click here ð Parliament.htm

Ø      To see the Acrobat File of the presentation to be presented to Africa Project Access, NATGROWTH and Foundation for the Development of Africa conferences click here ð Land Reform - Obstruction3a.pdf



The following comprises an Investment risk trigger regarding the Goodhouse Paprika project that was toppled by the South African Government: -



Full and Frank Disclosure of Investment Risk



Friday, 30 January 2004


Dr. Izak Labuschagne is a Strategic Planner respected by many prominent organisations and persons as having a vast experience in land reform issues and related agricultural developments in South Africa. He is regularly invited to  addressed important conferences on the issue and forms part of some significant initiatives in the field. Further details can be seen on (see the tabs marked “Contact Details, Profile, Strategic Planning, Land Reform and Projects”).


The situation can probably best be summarised by quoting from a recent letter addressed to various prominent government officials by Dr. Labuschagne in which he states it thus: -


The international community are fast realising that apart from the fact that the government of South Africa wants to expropriate most of the white owned land as opposed to developing the land under the government’s control, they have no intention of ever letting the beneficiaries of land reform ever control the land as private sector entities, because the government is intent on developing a centralistic and communist style management of the land.


A few years ago that statement would have seemed hysterical and surreal. Developments over the last two years however, are such that the statement now carries an enormous amount of weight as it is supported by so many other prominent organisations and entities on the continent. That support pales into insignificance however, when one looks at the case studies that support that disclosure.


The latest in the long line of Private Public Participation Projects that have failed in the land reform program of South Africa proves the point yet again as indeed all these projects have now failed. This is the land bank acclaimed Paprika Project made up of the previously private sector controlled Goodhouse Agricultural Corporation and Nocal (Pty) Ltd companies in the far Northern Cape along some of the most fertile land in the region against the orange river.


In that project the Government simply used the tools from their by now well- known bag of tricks.


1.                      First they started off by reneging on the securities that they induced the private sector and the Land Bank of South Africa to rely and act upon. This was achieved by delaying their performance in terms of the contracts exchanged and altering the memorandum in an act of duress.


1.1.                            The Land Bank was induced by the government into accepting a lease between the council and the management company as security (until the land is transferred) whilst there were still previously established leases in place. The previous leases were not disclosed and so the security is worthless.


2.                      Next up the government embarked on extremely hostile and aggressive discriminated against all but their supporters who were participating in the project, to the point where they drove all but their own supporters away, thus totally de-stabilizing the project.


2.1.                            In this case the bag of tricks included gross short payments to non government supporters, not developing their land, making them do all the work and then not paying them whilst overpaying their supporters most of whom spend most of their time being drunk, complaining, attacking the management and destroying infrastructure and crops and generally making a party of the destabilization process with government funding. This was achieved by putting their supporters in charge of wages, in this case a person well known by all the local lawyers as a fraudster.


3.                      This crisis was then used to intervene and launch a tactical take over of this private sector controlled project.


4.                      That situation is then used to justify not transferring the land to the management company and that of course removes any chance of getting outside help from financiers as the land security is still held by the state.


5.                      Next up will be labour unrest for which they are well positioned having introduced two extremely political non-agricultural unions to the project, one from the mining and another from the production sector.


6.                      In the mean time some R 9 mil of financed project development capital had to be lent to the processing factory so as to mitigate damages caused by delays in contractual performance at the instance of the government.


7.                      The government used that crisis it created to also take control of the factory and now they refuse to repay the amount leaving the agricultural production company in a financial crisis.


8.                      To top it off, it now appears that the planning grants that emanated from the land reform grant program exceeded the amount allocated to the project. In other words the private sector initiators and some of the public officials who shared this money ripped the guts out of the project before it even got under way. That would explain why the Land Bank had to take a 90% exposure in the project.


Some R 2 bil in land reform projects failed last year because the Land reform grants that were to be used in conjunction with the Land Bank to get the projects going suddenly disappeared out of the picture. One of the main reasons was that some white owned land was going to be purchased for one of the projects. That was a no-no because government want to ensure that no white land owner is ever properly compensated or compensated at all for participating in the land reform program as invited by the government to do.


The government instead want to expropriate 90% of all white owned land in three stages, the first 30% target being clearly disclosed in their current election manifesto.


The poor beneficiaries of this land of course do not realise that they will never be able to control the land or do private sector controlled development on it. 


Case studies such as the above comprise almost 100% of Public Private Participation (PPP) and Public sector projects in the South African Land Reform scenario. As a result of this Dr. Labuschagne is obviously unable to promote any PPP in the South African Land Reform program, as it clearly would entail dire risks for any public sector investor, partner and financier. Moreover, the situation is so deplorable that the triggering of this investment risk bulletin was necessary.


Latest news is that the government refuses to come to arrangements with regards to their water and electricity supply, with the result that in the case of this project some 19 families are left destitute.


Dr. Labuschagne is appealing to all international Aid agencies to contact him so as to help alleviate this humanitarian crisis. “We will repay whatever aid we get”, say the farmers because they want to use the money to establish crops on their lands. “These are some of the bravest and toughest farmers I have met as they work in temperatures often exceeding 50 degrees centigrade” says Dr. Labuschagne.


As a result of the potential and calibre of people there many of the big players and financiers realise this and are therefore positioned to provide finance to get a significant project on the go on the land. Three other farmers outside the project have made land available. Value adding in the way of pack-housing for exports is what is in the pipeline. “Whoever wants to Joint Venture now with these farmers will make a handsome profit because the land is some of the most fertile in the region with a history of record crops”, says Dr. Labuschagne”. 


The problem however, is that these plans are taking the usual 6 to 12 months time to implement and in the mean time, these farmers want to work so that they can eat and survive till then.


For those who prefer a formal arrangement as opposed to a donation we are prepared to enter into an acknowledgement of debt or a JV or whatever instrument they wish to employ.


Please contact Dr. Labuschagne direct at the details given below or the writer in Washington at the following contact details


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